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  1. Joyful_shay

    Meet my pet dog "Lady Mabel"

    Hi guys,how y'all doing?...T's been a while,I've been quite busy and all.... Say hello to my new buddy "Mabel" she joined the team 5months ago 😁
  2. Joyful_shay

    My Duckies

    Remember my lil duckies from back then,I've been quite busy for a while now that's why I've not been posting pics;so did I try?!
  3. Joyful_shay

    New to guineas

    Hi guys;how are you doing today?! Uhm......i just got a pair of guinea fowls since I couldn't get meets at the moment but something about them brothers me since I got them yesterday they seem quite inactive and have been laying on the floor;they haven't eaten since then although there was a...
  4. Joyful_shay

    New drake

    Check out my new Appleyard drake...Did i guess right?
  5. Joyful_shay

    Guinea keets

    So finally i decided to go for some keets:I'm new to guineas though so is there really anything I need to know, I'd appreciate any advice with good gesture 😇
  6. Joyful_shay

    Dwarf muscovy

    Does anyone have an idea why this duckling is so small and tiny?!He's the one in front in the first pic;its 12 weeks+ now,the others in the pic are its siblings and they're already 3times its size;in fact I sold some of them already,these are the remaining ones I'm keeping
  7. Joyful_shay

    Newly hatched chicks

    This is one of my hens;she just hatched her first batch..Aren't they cute?
  8. Joyful_shay

    Hi i'm new here

    Hi everyone I'm new here
  9. Joyful_shay

    Identifying new ducklings

    I got these cute ducklings from an hatchery,started raising them since a day old and they're about two weeks+ now but I still can't identify them can anybody help me know the kind of ducks they are?!
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