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    Increasing Egg laying

    We have lists of hens and some cockerels also we were getting lots of eggs around 6 weeks ago then all of sudden it just stopped . One of our chickens has just sarted laying again but all the others havnt. What can we do to increase eggs ? We feed layers and mixed corn they have fresh water...
  2. J

    Hen or too ?

    8 weeks old mixed breed any idea if it’s male or female ?
  3. J

    What gender is this ?

    Any idea of the gender ? I’m not sure on the breed as I have multiple chickens together and I’m not sure who the egg came from ! About 6 weeks old ish Thankyou in advance
  4. J

    Not getting many eggs

    I have 16 female hens I also have one female duck and multiple boys . We are getting around one to two eggs a day. They have a large shed to nest in and a huge run which is covered so they can go out all day. They are fed layers pellets mixed corn and any left over food we have . I just want...
  5. J

    What gender do we think this is ?

    Not sure of age . But girl or boy ? Thanks
  6. J

    Hi two beautiful little silkies here one black and one white

    Wht sex are these two chickens please . one black and one white one Thanks white one is approx 8 months black one approx 6 months
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    Incubating duck eggs

    Hi ive ordered some eggs which I plan to incubate . My son is getting his incubator for Christmas . The eggs will arrive on the 21st and will have been laid on the 19th How long can they be left before incubation ? Any tips for me as we have never done this befure now
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    My ducks won’t come back to their coop

    I have seven ducks in total . Normally each night they return to the coop with my chickens and I lock them in to prevent foxes getting to them . The last few days we have had really heavy rain and the bottom of our field resembles a lake ! Well all ducks have taken to it and won’t come back to...
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    Ducks and laying eggs

    Hi all I have seven ducks four are boys and three are girls . I don’t know much about ducks and hatching eggs . Two of the females looks pregnant ? Is this possible or does this not happen ? Could it be they r holding fertilised eggs inside them and they will make a nest and then lay ? How does...
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    Girl or boy ? Silkie chicken

    Here is snowy our 19 week old white silkie chicken which I previously posted about but I fell these are much better photos What we thinking girl or boy? The second silkie is younger at about 10 weeks any idea on sex ?
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    How to encourage egg laying

    My hens are pretty hit and miss with laying . Some days we get four eggs some days none . The last few days we have had none . How can we encourage more eggs ? I have seven rescue hens which are of eggs laying age. I feed them layers pellets and they get oyster shells and grit also . many thanks
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    Pigeons ha e gone out please help

    I’ve had my pigeons in there coop for about three weeks now they have never been outside . They can see outside so they can see their surroundings . Tovah I was cleaning out their shed I left the door open and they didn’t bother to fly out . I came inside the house to fill up there water on my...
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    Easy indie ducks

    Hi has anyone got east indie ducks ? What are they like to have ? Do they make good pets ? What do they like to eat ? many thanks Please post pics of anyone has them . ive just got two little boys and my brother and sister in law got two also .
  14. J

    Selling free range eggs ??

    Hi , anyone sell their free range duck and chickens eggs or any other eggs for that matter ? What price do you sell them for ? just set up a little table at the end of my driveways . it’s for myeight year old daughter really she loves to help out and look after the chickens and collect the eggs...
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    Girls or boys ?

    Anyone know the gender of these two silkies ? one white and one grey They have both been poking their heads in their water ! many thanks
  16. J

    Girl or boy ?

    I don’t have any idea of age . I’ve believe it be a lavender Americana ( not sure of spelling ) I think it’s pretty young . What we thinking ? Make or female ? Thanks
  17. J

    What inside everyone’s coop ?

    Hi all . Just setting up my coop which I am using a large shed for at the min . I have ordered some perches and a little swing ladder thing . Just wondering what everyone has inside their coop and what have people used for nesting boxes ? I’ve seen some great ideas from old milk crates and...
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    What gender are these please

    Any idea of the gender of the these chickens please One is a polish chicken and the other one is a silkie Many thanks
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    Can chickens and pigeons live together ?

    I have two pigeons which have been given to me for my autistic son who is fact aged with birds . I also have many hens and cockrells . We are just on the middle of making a larger coop for the chickens . At the side of the coop is a shed with is 8 foot by 6 foot . My chickens are free range...
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    Hi I’m new here !

    Hi all . Newbie here . We bought a house with land about 12 months ago and I have now have a nice flock 🥰 my in-laws have had chickens and ducks for years and now with the space we have we can now enjoy are own flock . I have two khaki Campbell ducklings and a flock of 21 hens and cockrells to...
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