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    Sick Hens - dirty vent feathers and pale combs

    Seems my flock has fallen ill. We lost one hen suddenly, and on inspection of the remaining 5 birds all have dirty vents and about half have pale combs. We have had some soft shell eggs laid in the last few days and below average laying. Most girls have clear airways, one could maybe has light...
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    23 Week Black Copper Maran- Not laying

    I have a 23 week old black copper Maran who has not laid an egg yet. Is this normal? I have a mixed flock of 6. Three, 3 year old hens, 2 18 weeks pullets (turken and brahma) also not laying.
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    5 week old Turken Pullet?

    I have a 5 week old turken who is getting red on her cheeks. Is she a he?
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    Portland Oregon - iso 6 week old chick

    Hello- I had two chicks 6 week old chicks and we lost one this morning. Looking for a new chick around the same age to add to our flock.
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    One 6 week old Hen

    I moved my 6 week old chicks in with my 3 2 year old hens one week ago. One of the little girls made it over the 4ft chicken wire separating them and was pecked to death by the flock. Now I am at a loss at for what to do with the one remaining chick. Will she be okay alone and separate?
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    6 Week Old Easter Egger, Rooster?

    Is my 6 week old Easter Egger a rooster or hen? Too soon to tell?
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    4 Week Old Easter Egger- What Gender?

    Hello! I brought home 4 2 day old chicks 4 weeks ago and I am a little worried my favorite chick the easter egger Connie is a boy. She's the largest of my chicks and her legs/feet seem to be thicker than the rest as well. Any guesses on the gender of this chick?
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