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  1. Turbo V6 Camaro

    my ducks must have joined a union !!!

    we have 3 Fawn runner hens and one is laying. she only lays Monday through Friday !!!! next she will want freaking overtime or something LOL the good news is every Monday the eggs are getting bigger !!
  2. Turbo V6 Camaro

    what chicken is laying?

    hello, we finally have someone laying eggs !!! its a small brown egg, and so far they are laying every other day. buckey sussex dark cornish golden laced Wyandotte are the options
  3. Turbo V6 Camaro

    Duck stop laying/laying in water?

    Hello We have some Fawn Runners and coyga ducks. (April 15th they were 2 days old) last weekend on saturday i notice the males were starting to mate the female and I figured we would have eggs soon. On Sunday we found 1 egg on ground near the pond. we have not found any eggs since, and i...
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