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    Pullets or roos

    Hi everyone I've got some Silkie cross chicks, they are 15 weeks old. I know they are hard to sex but could anyone give me a idea 🤣🤣
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    Big enough run?

    Hi guys is this run okay for 3 bantams? They will be free ranging for few hours each day aswel
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    New Bantam's

    Hi everyone, I've recently been left with just one silver laced Wyandotte Bantam and I'm shortly going to be getting some new 15 week old Silkie/crossed bantam to keep her company. Can anyone give me any advice to help them get along as good as can be? Is it best to put them in different run...
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    Hen staying in the nesting box

    Hi guys hope you're well My chicken started laying over 2 weeks ago, she's now constantly staying in the nest box all the time, just coming out for food and drink. I'm guessing she's broody, is there anything I should do or should I just let it run its course Thankyou
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    Identify the sex

    Hi guys I'm new to this whole chicken thing. Could someone please help me identifying my chick's, they are 7 weeks old and I've always thought they were female, but my friend has said the comb size looks like a Cockerel Thankyou
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