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    Please help! Day old chick has spraddled legs! What should we do?

    Early this morning a chick hatched out from one of the fertile eggs our broody hen remained sitting on, it was 3 days late than the excepted 21 days, it seems healthy but legs are to the side (called spraddled legs?) it the first time we’ve hatched eggs. What should we do? Would really...
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    Help! Is this egg normal? Candled eggs from broody for first time.

    We have a broody hen sitting on 6 eggs, because of a power outage in our area our broody hen along with her eggs fell a few centimetres! It’s day 19, is this egg normal?
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    Are they all ok? Incubating eggs for the first time.. candled them.

    We have never hatched eggs before this is our first time. We gave 8 eggs to our broody hen and are attempting to hatch 4 on our own, it’s day 5 today, we candled the eggs and noticed in two of them there is an unusual oval shaped line around the smaller dark spot..does anyone know if this is...
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    Broody hen issues! Please help

    Last Wednesday we gave our committed broody hen 8 eggs, we removed her from the flock and all went well until yesterday. She hopped off her eggs (we presumed she was just having a drink and food break) but she was off them for approx 4 hours and only spent about 20 minutes eating and drinking...
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