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    Can 2 chickens keep each other warm?

    Okay, they are 22 and 25 weeks and definitely fully feathered lol
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    Can 2 chickens keep each other warm?

    I live in New England for reference. We found out we have two roosters so we are splitting our flock. Our polish is getting 1 hen from the original flock and we got him 2 new ones. We were wondering if would be able to move him and the hen he is already with into the new coop together to make...
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    Heated Barrel Waterer

    Hello everyone. This will be our first winter with chickens. We live in New England so it does get cold here. We have a barrel waterer that goes through a hose and attaches to pvc. We have bought a tank de icer to go inside the barrel and will wrap the pvc but we are wondering how to keep the...
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