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    Help ASAP please. 3 wk chick protruding butt

    Thanks sourland, I have check those out. I have just lubed her with honey, isolated her, and put another friendly chick in with her as she freaked being alone. She just pooped big time, so I am hoping this is a good thing. She is still sticking out, but hopefully the honey will help till we can...
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    Help ASAP please. 3 wk chick protruding butt

    Her butt is pulsating, and protrung about a 1/2 inch out. After cleaning her up, there is some clear fluid in the vent. Any help GREATLY appreciated. She is in a brooder with 26 other chicks, and all has been good till now. Thanks....
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    Just ordered Gold Wyandottes from Meyers

    I have been very pleased with Myers as well. Ordered large layers before, and have chicks due in tomorrow. I am sure you will be pleased with them. If not, they will make it right for you.. Good luck....
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    Need help with and advise please

    Well, problem solved. We sectioned off a 15x8 section of the run and everyone is happy...........
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    Need help with and advise please

    I have broody hen that had only 1 of 6 chicks. The chick is 2 + weeks old, fury, and healthy. Momma has been a great Mom, but today she is wanting out of the 2x2x6 ft cage in the run. She is squakin and scratchin, and is steppin on the chick. I took her out briefly, and all she wanted was to...
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    coop help just a little

    Try and get scrap roof metal for sides and roof, and let it hang over the sides for run off. Building supply places sometimes have bent or scratched sheets. You will need ventilation, so perhaps put some small wood blocks around the top before you put on the roof so there is some. You can cut...
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    Hi I'm new ... this is my intro

    welcome from Alabama
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    First post

    Welcome from Alabama. You have found the best place to learn, vent, and teach. These are great folks in here......
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    Are you Pro-Gun because of predators?

    Pro all the way. I have a pleasant security in knowing that I can protect my family, home, animals, and posessions. I carry everywhere, ATV's and vehicles are always armed. I hunt to eat, and kill to protect. I am very rural and like it that way. This world is changing for the worst...
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    Best Yummy Treats!

    Water melon, spaghetti,(thats fun to watch), bread, pound cake, scrambled eggs,everything from the garden abd fruit trees, almost all left overs, BOSS, we try whatever we have and give them 2 treats a day. I don't think anything has been on the ground long after it hits,LOL.
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    bald spots

    Is she getting picked on? Watch em for a bit and see if there is a bully..........
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    Found a stash of hidden eggs--safe to use?

    Scramble them babies for your chickens if in doubt. There are more coming, so be safe. They say you can put eggs in water to see if they are bad, some will sink or float. I am not sure which is which, but someone will pipe in with the right answer for that one....... R
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    Egg cleaning

    X 3 Quote: X2
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    Snapping Turtles - Any suggestions on elminating them from our pond?

    Quote: Put it down........ The right thing IMO.
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    first egg

    Wecome to the force that drives us. Congrats!
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    What are you selling your eggs for per dozen?

    I wish I could get those prices. Alot of people are raising birds, so there is alot of competition. I sell mine for 1.50 to church members, and try and get 2 to anyone else. Walmart has em cheap so I need to be close to them in price even though cage free well fed eggs should be more money. If...
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    Sick Chicken...need help...

    Wish I could help you. Hopefully someone will pipe in. Have you an aviary vet? or someone that raises shickens in your area? They may be able ot help.. All the best to you and her.....
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    Feeling them watching us...

    The pee will help, but it is time for a Mossberg 12 ga. or something similar. If they are that bold, it is time to take control. After a few are dispatched, they will probably find other places to try and get food. But if they know there is a meal there, they will be back to try and get it.
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