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    Hen returned with 2 chicks

    Hi my little hen arrived with two baby chicks this morning. She’s been coming and going last few weeks and I don’t know where her nest is. I found two dead chicks about the place. Should I keep her and the chicks locked up now? I’m worried she may have other eggs/chicks or chicks hatching. Would...
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    My bantam just started this odd breathing sound, she was fine earlier. Sounds like a duck, her breathing sounds “chesty” also. I’ve looked down her throat and doesn’t appear to be a foreign body, crop feels normal, comb red. Can’t get aviverm till tomorrow. Can I give her anything to ease this...
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    Identify these Bantam Breeds

    Hi can anyone tell me what breeds these bantams are that I inherited? Thank you
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    To shift or not to shift

    I have a hen hatching eggs in a nesting box in main coop. One chick hatched yesterday morning (24 hrs ago) there’s been none since. The other hens want to get in and lay their eggs in the same box! Standing all over the eggs and mother hen isn’t chasing them away. There’s three other nesting...
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    Kia Ora from NZ

    My first chicken was a ex battery hen who came through work to be put to sleep because she was unwell and not accepted by the other hens. My co-worker (fellow Vet Nurse) couldnt do it so took her in and asked if I would take her cause I had mentioned I'd like to have chooks one day. She called...
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