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  1. WhitF

    Rooster behavior

    Hi! So I have 5 bantams, all around 4 months old. 2 of the 5 are roosters, 1 is obviously the dominant roo and the other is very docile. I haven’t seen any fighting or injuries which is great! Here are my questions: The sweet, “bottom” (?) roo normally sleeps alone and a foot or so away from...
  2. WhitF

    Chapped or cracked toe webbing?

    One of my Banty hens looked today like her toe webbing might be cracked or chapped? I saw some red there and wasn’t sure how to best treat it. It has been around 30 degrees here at night and going up to 45/50 in the day (I’m in NE OK). I figured cleaning and maybe neosporin, but is there...
  3. WhitF

    Adopting a rooster

    So there’s a free range rooster in my parents subdivision that was kicked out of his yard. I guess they raised a straight run and didn’t rehome the roos, just chucked them out of the yard. So it’s in a very busy neighborhood right in the middle of the city and me and my spouse are thinking of...
  4. WhitF

    Stray Roo

    This guy was apparently kicked out of his yard when the owners had too many Roos, and now he has taken up residence in my parents yard. So the neighbor told me he’s a roo (I’m very new to this and have a few young banties) and I’m wondering what breed he is. I’m thinking of trying to bring him...
  5. WhitF

    The banties are 6 weeks now!

  6. WhitF

    My bantam babies! What breed are they? Any guesses?

    They are almost 4 weeks old I believe! Got them at Atwood’s :)
  7. WhitF

    Hi! New bantam mom :)

    Hi! My name is Whitney and my family just moved back to my home state and got a lil half acre and 5 baby bantams! Now just trying to figure out how many Roos and Hens we have and the best ways to care for them! They’re so cute!
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