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    Will they all hatch at once?

    I have a hen that began setting and today she had one hatch but no more. She is still setting, do I leave the one chick under her or remove it and raise it? Will she just let it hang out under there until more hatch? What if that takes days? This is my first time raising them with a hen
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    What breed is this?

    Hi does anyone know what this may be? The lady selling them first said silver laced cochins and now she says they are light brahmas. Anyone know? Thanks you
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    What breed is this??

    Hello! New here! Wasn't sure where to post this but I am getting ready to buy a few more new pullets and was wondering what breed this is? I want led silver laced wyandotte cochins and they were listed as what I wanted but now the lady is saying she thinks they are light brahmas. Can anyone tell...
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    What's wrong? Hunched, lazy sways

    Hi I am new here. I usually just read post and articles. This is my first time submitting anything. I have a sick chicken. She was always the smallest, she's about 4 or 5 months old, but she is still super tiny compared to the rest I got along with her from someone on craigslist. The rest are...
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