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    Silkie chick acting sick is it coccidiosis

    I don’t have any save a chick mix. I tried to get it to eat because it is not eating. That yellow stuff is just egg I put out for it.
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    Silkie chick acting sick is it coccidiosis

    The silkie chick is almost a month old and has just started acting sick. It is huntched over and not moving from were it is standing. It’s crop feels full of water. It is smaller than a chick that is 4 days younger than it. It is very weak and can almost not walk around. It’s poop is diarrhea...
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    4 or 5 month old Silkies: what gender are they?

    Number 1 Number 2 both of them
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    2 month old leghorn lays an egg

    I have a 2 month old leghorn that layed an egg. It is a little bigger than a penny. Does it mean anything if they lay an egg this young.
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    Is my cat pregnant?

    No, luckily!! We got the male cat fixed.
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    Do I have 2 cockerels? Please say no...

    I think they are pullets. Sometimes when it is windy chickens will open there mouths, because it is harder to breath. They would not be trying to crow at that age.
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    Frizzle or Sizzle

    I think that that is a frizzle. Silkies are usually called sizzles. That is not a silkie its skin is red and its feathers are white. Silkies have white feathers with black skin. Sizzles should have 5 toes instead of four.
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    1 and a half year old silkie chicken walking weird.

    She is still eating and drinking, and she is trying her best to walk around. I do not think she is sick or anything.
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    1 and a half year old silkie chicken walking weird.

    My silkie chicken had a limp for a while and now it has gotten worse. She is stumbling when she walks now and I don’t know why. She started limping months ago. Could it maybe be malnutrition or something. She can still kinda walk but she sometimes falls down. It does not look like it is hurting...
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    Baby chick sniffed water up its nose.

    Hello, I know that this thread was a while ago. I am just wondering if your chick recovered. I have some chicks that breathed I water through their nostrils, and I just want to make sure they will be okay. They are breathing through their mouth which I know isn’t normal. I tried wiping there...
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    2 day old Plymouth Rock chick breathing weird.

    The chick is still opening its mouth when it is breathing.
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    What gender are these 3 month old silkie chicks?

    One of them has a bigger comb than the other. The other one doesn’t really have a comb at all. They both don’t really have any wattles yet. This is the one with the bigger comb.
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    What gender are these 4 month old silkie chicks?

    These last two photos are their mom
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    CHICKEN IN NEED OF HELP, NOT EATING, DRINKING, AND JUST STANDS THERE I was thinking it could maybe be this, since she hasn’t been laying for a while.
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    HELP is this a nutrition issue?

    I don’t think it’s bumblefoot. It could maybe be a slipped tendon.
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    2 day old Plymouth Rock chick breathing weird.

    I have a 2 day old chick and it is breathing through its mouth instead of its nostrils. It had something in one nostril, like water or snot or something, and I got that out. It is still breathing through its mouth and will sometimes try to breath through its nostrils but can’t. I think something...
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    Wry neck hen- unsure what else I can do to help her

    What you are doing so far is good. I would keep her separated from the flock, and keep on giving her the vitamin E and selenium. It usually takes up to a month for a chicken to get over weary neck. Weary neck usually will get worse before it gets better.
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    I have 5, 1 month old sizzle silkies just trying to figure out if they are girls or boys.

    I think forsure that 2 are girls. I think the black one might be a boy. The other two I have no idea about. I know it is a little early to tell, but I am just gessing.
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