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    Received complaint from humane services about "roaming"

    My 4 16 wk old pullets have received complaints about "roaming" outside of our property. They told us to ensure our chickens are contained on our property. They used to do this a couple months ago but we thought they stopped, however the date of the complaint was 11 days ago, so it must've been...
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    How much should I feed my pullets?

    My around 16 wk old white leghorn pullets are fed around 1 cup of feed each day altogether, is that enough? I feed them once in the morning when I get up and once just before I lock their coop.
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    One of my 8-9 week old white leghorn is laying down in our garden all day with ruffled feathers

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but basically one of my white leghorns who are 8-9 weeks old are just sitting in my garden all day in the soil without doing anything, occasionally shaking the dirt out of her feathers or turning upside down to move her legs. Why is she doing this? All I can...
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    Is my 7 wk old White leghorn Okay?? they have red around their eyes and nose

    about 7 weeks ago I got baby day old chicks, and today I noticed one of them had red around their eyes/nose. This one is the only one with this red, so I have 2 questions a) is this normal? and b) if it isn't, should I quarantine this chick, and how would I fix the problem?
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