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  1. ChickadeeLover

    Sleepy Babies *Pic*

    Awwwwww if that's isn't the cutest thing ever!
  2. ChickadeeLover

    young hen with weird beak

    A few things you can to help fix the beak are, Penetran which is a cream, that will help relax the ligaments in the face ( click here and type in your zip code in the "find a store near you" thing. I found it at several places. It costs about $15 or less.) Push her...
  3. ChickadeeLover

    Chick with cross beak *pics*

    I got my crossed beak from MM.
  4. ChickadeeLover

    FRUSTRATED!! No vet.

    I am sorry about your chicken, I hope she gets better
  5. ChickadeeLover

    Woo Hoo! Finally our babies are here (well sorta)!

    I know how you feel On Sunday the postman called my sister went to pick them up while I built them a pen. Good Luck!
  6. ChickadeeLover

    First-Time Mama Needs Help

    Welcome to the BYC
  7. ChickadeeLover

    Need advice--chick with bad leg

    I hope she will okay! Good luck!
  8. ChickadeeLover

    They're Here But SLW is WEAK. Suggestions? Doing GREAT now!

    She might just be tired, keep an eye on her and keep us posted!
  9. ChickadeeLover

    I Lost all 35 chicks!!!!!

    Awww my chicks all love cuddle time too. Just glad they don't give a heart attack like that!
  10. ChickadeeLover

    Read This Before You Cull Sick Chicks

    Good lesson, Thanks!
  11. ChickadeeLover

    and then there was 1

    Sorry to hear about your chick. Tlc for the lonely one!
  12. ChickadeeLover

    Chicks 1st day playing outside...

    I made a playpen and inside out cardboard board boxes which I go for free at the hardware store and top out of chicken wire. Justchicky: how cute does it get!??!
  13. ChickadeeLover

    I couldn't stop myself... (big pics)

    Awwwwwwwwww can you say cute!
  14. ChickadeeLover

    How many chicks do you see? *ANSWER, PG. 2*

    oh shoot, I was sure I counted 21
  15. ChickadeeLover

    please diagnose chick

    I am sorry about your chick. Polyvisal is right way to go. Good luck!
  16. ChickadeeLover

    Constipated chick

    I am really sorry about your chick. Good luck!
  17. ChickadeeLover

    Sick Chick - Won't Move

    P.S it works miracles. just last week it saved on of my chicks! (similar symptoms) I never figured out what was wrong with it but after she got the polvisal she got better fast!
  18. ChickadeeLover

    Sick Chick - Won't Move

    Polyvisal enfamil, 3 drops daily for about a week them taper off. I really suggest this!
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