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  1. Chickenbreederboy

    Looking for Guineas/Laying Hens in Pearl River County, MS

    Anybody have any laying hens(breed DOES NOT matter) but i'd like some chickens that are at least 6 months old. Also does anyone have a pair of guineas, color doesn't matter to me but i like the plain old pearl guineas. If anyone does, and they are in Pearl River County(i know im dreaming here...
  2. Chickenbreederboy

    Question about Silkie Chicks.

    I have always, ever since i saw them, been in love with the Silkie breed and the first breed that came to mind when my mom helped me convince my dad to build be a couple breeding pens was the Silkies. Well, i started looking around to see if i could get some nice quality birds in this area...
  3. Chickenbreederboy

    Looking for Show Quality or Very Nice Fawn Silve Duckwing OEGB

    I am looking to buy a trio or quad of very nice quality Fawn Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantams. Anywhere's within an hour of Pearl River County, or possibly farther but not over a hundred miles. If anyone breeds them in this area, please contact me either through this thread or through...
  4. Chickenbreederboy

    Blue Mille Fleur D'Uccle Pics??? Help me please

    Does anybody own or have pictures of Blue Mille Fleur D'Uccles that they can post on here so that i'll know what im ordering.. I've been trying to find pics, and it seems impossible. I ordered 5 and 10 buff silkies along with my aunt's order from Randall Burkey Hatchery and they don't have...
  5. Chickenbreederboy

    Looking for Bantam Cochins in South MS

    I'm looking for some Bantam Cochins, hens preferred but a pair would be nice.. Color doesn't matter, as long as they aren't silver laced.. And even so, i might take a pair.. I'd love to buy some from anyone near Pearl River County.
  6. Chickenbreederboy

    WTB Buff or White Silkies Near South MS

    If anyone has those colors of Silkies and has a trio or a pair of them for sale that are within 75 miles of Picayune, MS (Pearl River County), please reply.
  7. Chickenbreederboy

    Selling a Mille Fleur Pair!!

    Alright everyone, im deciding to cut back on my flock some and that involves me getting rid of most of my birds. Which i planned to do anyways, raise the bities to pullets and sell them for 10 bucks a piece.. Well i went to the chicken auction and bought a pair of Mille Fleurs a couple months...
  8. Chickenbreederboy

    Silkie Breeder/Looking for silkies in Pearl River County, MS

    I'm dying to get some silkies.. Colors aren't a big deal, white or buff are my favorites. I live in Pearl River county and if there's anyone within 2 hours or 100 miles or so from here, please post here and help me out
  9. Chickenbreederboy

    Looking for chickens in SOUTH MS

    I am looking to buy reasonably priced chickens in South MS, Pearl River County. . Any one within 100 miles of here? That is as far as i am willing to go to get chickens and I am looking for the following: Silkies- Buff, White Blue Laced Wyandotte D'Uccle Bantams Japanese Bantams Cochins...
  10. Chickenbreederboy

    Chicken Auction in MS

    For anyone who is interested in this area, there is a chicken auction the first saturday of every month around 25 minutes from Picayune.. I've got all my adult chickens there and sold some that i bought there in the first place. They sell all kinds of poultry as well as goats, sheep, horses and...
  11. Chickenbreederboy

    Selling out young chickens in south MS

    Alright, im planning on selling the following: White Leghorns(5)(Pullets) Brown Leghorns(only 2)(Pullets) Blue Andalusians(St Run) Silver Laced Wyandottes Ameracaunas(Pullets) 7 dollars a piece for anyone who is interested
  12. Chickenbreederboy

    Barred Rock hen to trade for something else.

    I have a nice barred rock hen that i got at an auction.. She lays a white egg every day. She's mixed because she has some feathers on her feet.. Not many, but enough to see. If anyone has any bantams to trade for her in Southern MS or close to here, as in less than an hour's trip, let me know.
  13. Chickenbreederboy

    Looking for Silkies, Blue Laced Wyandottes in MS

    Hello everyone, Im from South MS an hour from the coast.. I am hoping to get a pure breed, but im looking for all three above. Im trying to find some , buff silkies or even some Blue Laced Wyandottes. Tell you the truth, any wyandotte would do, but i'd love to get my hands on blue laced reds...
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