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  1. jjakaus


    I have an 1 year old white leghorn. She layed almost daily all winter long, even when my Easter eggers stopped. Right now I have 4 pullets, all about a year old. We moved in February and they are currently living in my garage. They have tons of room in there and have almost daily access to the...
  2. jjakaus

    new hoop house - a few details please

    I have just discovered hoop houses and I think it will be the perfect design for me. I have a space between my garage and fence that I would like to put it. I have seen a ton of ideas here. I am planning on using cattle panels and chicken wire. I don't really have any predators in my area (a...
  3. jjakaus

    You know how it goes - the straight run bantam bin at TCS - help me out if you can please?!

    Thanks guys!! I was heading that way too. I am kind of new to this, so it's nice to know I am getting better!!
  4. jjakaus

    Guesses on what she is?

    Sorry!! Totally misread the title! LOL Is she a Sebright of some sort?
  5. jjakaus

    Guesses on what she is?

    I am no expert and fairly new, but if this is all the comb there is at 2 months, I would guess pullet
  6. jjakaus

    You know how it goes - the straight run bantam bin at TCS - help me out if you can please?!

    I have 6 straight run bantams. They are about a month, so maybe too early to tell. I just cant have roosters where I live so I am hoping to rehome ASAP. I think I know all the breeds ( 4 are the same), but one. Ill take any help you can send my way. Thanks for any help!! #1. I am guessing a...
  7. jjakaus

    EE gender guess

    #2 looks just like my pullet.She has such a "roo" look and attitude about her that I kept waiting for her to crow. She laid instead!
  8. jjakaus

    orange construction fencing for additional run space?

    Hello All! I have a covered run that is about 10x8. The coop is inside, but raised, so the chickens have full floor space. I only have 4 hens. Technically they have plenty of room, but I am a "more is better" kind of pet owner. I live in a city where they cannot roam free. I try and let them...
  9. jjakaus

    advice needed for winter run ideas in the snow!!

    You cover the top of the run with shower curtains? How does that hold up with several inches of snow? My run is surrounded with privacy fence and the coop is safe from breezes.
  10. jjakaus

    advice needed for winter run ideas in the snow!!

    This will be my first winter with my girls! I have 4. They have a coop about 8x2 and constant access to their run. Unfortunately, I live in a city and they cannot free range. Their enclosed run (no roof right now) is about 8x10. They ate all the grass months ago of course and it is dirt. I read...
  11. jjakaus

    what do you use for bedding in your coop straw or shavings?

    I read your post just as my neighbor was raking up huge piles of dried pine needles. I grabbed a bunch and threw them into my run. I am thinking of grabbing some more and doing a deep litter thing for the winter. I live in Michigan, so we are probably going to get some snow this winter. i know...
  12. jjakaus

    Covering my A-frame run for winter. Any suggestions?

    I am also in Michigan...did you say snow? I have not heard this! LOL
  13. jjakaus

    What did you use for roofing on your run?

    It holds up under snow ok? Thanks for your input!!
  14. jjakaus

    What did you use for roofing on your run?

    I have been thinking about the same thing. My run is made from privacy fence so no sun or air really comes in through the sides. I thought the 6 ft height would keep the chickens in, but of course not, so now I need a roof. I was thinking about using the clear plastic panels made with the wave...
  15. jjakaus

    Anyone use SAND in the run/coop

    1 yard was enough for a 10x10 pen? I have 8x8 and am wondering how much I need. I also wonder about how to keep in in the run? Or don't they dig through it and eventually hit dirt and mix it up? Thanks!
  16. jjakaus

    Deep litter in small spaces?

    Thanks!! CrazyComb, do you have a set schedule on how often you totally clean it out or does it stay cleaner than I am anticipating?
  17. jjakaus

    Deep litter in small spaces?

    HI Everyone! Just looking for some advice. I had a large coop and LOVED using the deep litter method. We have had to move and have a much smaller coop. Total footprint is about 8x4 and about 6in deep. Is the deep litter method still advisable? Obviously I will have to do more than one yearly...
  18. jjakaus


    All of a sudden the birds, mostly sparrows, have started giong INTO the coop to eat the chicken food. I stopped putting food in the run for this reason. I have a small coop with an attached 9x9 run. This is the only place the chickens go. We dont have many predators, so I usually keep the side...
  19. jjakaus

    egg questions!!!

    I am fairly new also, but I think I have read enough about this. I will try to help! 1. I believe that eggs will be OK a few days in the coop or on a counter, although if it's hot, better safe than sorry! I always collect mine daily and out them right into the fridge. I believe that a hen will...
  20. jjakaus

    who's laying these eggs?

    I am confounded. I have 4 hens, all different breeds. I believed they were all laying, but either my EE lays 2 eggs every other day or so or I am wrong about a breed. I am adding pics of the birds and today's eggs. They are all about 5 months old. Isa Brown Leghorn - dust bath dirty My EE...
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