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  1. foxy2320

    What is my chickie?

    Mama won't let me get close enough to see the comb, although there were feathers all the way to the beak when I saw her the other day. My ameraucana is black, and the legs are like a really dark yellow, not like my daddy roo's legs. I knew right away Mama wasn't the real mama, and there are no...
  2. foxy2320

    Feather loss on be chicken for months

    It could very well be mites or lice, but if it were and it got to the point that there was that much feather loss it seems to me like to bird would be a lot sicker overall. Those sorts of pests tend to suck blood, leaving a chicken lethargic and with a pale comb and wattles, and if it were...
  3. foxy2320

    What is my chickie?

    This sweet little fuzz but is 2-3 days old. Daddy is for sure a blrw, but mama could either be blrw, slw, ameraucana, or bfcm. Whatever she is, she's adorable, but I'm curious!
  4. foxy2320

    Any ideas?

    Looks like a rose comb, and if it happens to be crossed with a Wyandotte, good luck determining sex anytime soon! My blue laced red Wyandotte rooster was the slowest to develop that, or the breeder had ever seen. It wasn't certain until he was about 6-7 months.
  5. foxy2320

    Feather loss on be chicken for months

    One of my black French copper marans is doing the same thing. At first I thought she was being overmated, but I don't think that's the case. It's gotten progressively worse, but she still eats, drinks and was laying until she went broody on me. No other sign of sickness or disease, and my...
  6. foxy2320

    What breed and sex is this chicken?

    It's definitely a rooster, but I have no idea on the breed! Looks to me to be some sort of mix, but that is really just a guess. Hopefully someone else chimes in soon.
  7. foxy2320

    One fluffy 1-2 day old chick, no other pips or rocking that I can tell - first time broody hatch!

    So I decided I was tired of the nest switching and worrying about pecking and not enough food for the chick, so I gathered up some stuff and decided to take a chance and move the broody, the eggs, and the baby, all during the day while I had the opportunity. So I found some stuff and fashioned a...
  8. foxy2320

    One fluffy 1-2 day old chick, no other pips or rocking that I can tell - first time broody hatch!

    So I just went to check on everyone, and mama and baby were on the coop floor, so I stuck the food and water back in. Before long, mama was gobbling it up, then a few hens and my alpha roo jumped in too. One of the hens started chasing and pecking the baby, so I kicked her when she got out and...
  9. foxy2320

    what breed are these pullets?

    They may be easter eggers, but they are not true Ameraucanas. Ameraucanas have the puffy little cheeks or "muffs" that are not here. However, if they or one of their parents hatched from a colored egg they should or could carry that gene. And yes, they look like pullets!
  10. foxy2320

    Please help with my new hen...... Please

    Just give her some time, she will heal up. You could always get her a chicken saddle, but I wouldn't know how to even catch my chickens, let alone get the stupid thing on them! It looks like maybe she was overbred, but it doesn't look like anything more serious than that. I know people always...
  11. foxy2320


    First thing is to check for lice, mites, and other pests and predators. After that, check to make sure there is no mold or other issues with the food or algae in the water. If they free-range, take a look around and see if they may have gotten into something poisonous. Depending on temperature...
  12. foxy2320

    How do you house 3 roosters????

    Have they all been living together peacefully? If so, you shouldn't have to do anything. And unless they're breeding quality you might have some trouble getting that much out of them, depending on your area. I have two roos and 7 hens and they all cohabitate well together. One roo is definitely...
  13. foxy2320

    Blue laced Red Wyandotte chicks - what sex?

    I got three blrw pullets from a local breeder last year, they were all 3-4 months old (12-16 weeks), and the breeder thought they were all pullets. It wasn't until about 12 weeks later that we finally found out that one of them was actually a roo. And it wasn't just the breeder. I had a local...
  14. foxy2320

    One fluffy 1-2 day old chick, no other pips or rocking that I can tell - first time broody hatch!

    So I let my broody do her thing, it was actually more of a group effort as three broodies were taking turns on three nests. I've been candling along the way (when mama will let me), and in all the shuffling we lost a few at different stages due to unknowing layers stepping on them. It took me a...
  15. foxy2320

    Silver Laced Wyandotte sexing

    I see two definite Roos in the second picture. Hens don't have long, light, pointy feathers that fall around the base of the tail. They are beautiful, though!
  16. foxy2320

    Silver Laced Wyandotte sexing

    Well sadly I probably won't find out, as this one didn't come home after free ranging a few nights ago :'-( Was my little buddy! Only one that would let me pet him/her!
  17. foxy2320

    How to entertain a lonely hen?

    Your best bet is to pick up at least two more. Chickens are social and are used to belonging to a flock, that's why they always say never get just one, even two is a little low. If you have the space and can find a few more, it's usually pretty easy to integrate, especially into a 2-girl flock...
  18. foxy2320

    Breed help!

    My best guess would be a silver penciled rock, but I'm not 100% on that. Not a Dominique or barred rock, that's for sure.
  19. foxy2320

    Broody hen was forced off her nest for a few hours during "Lock Down", will the eggs be okay?

    I'm no expert as I have my first broody setting right now (she's still in the main coop, I didn't want to upset her and have her abandon the nest), but I think that they should be fine. Mama wouldn't have left if it was going to kill them, and I'm pretty sure this whole "lockdown" idea was...
  20. foxy2320

    Rooster Problems

    Well, best of luck to you, maybe someone with some more experience will cluck in. I think I've lucked out...I had a flock of ten total, and two were roos, so I had two roos to 8 hens, and everyone says that's way too small a ratio. Now we're down to two roos, seven hens running around and one...
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