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  1. Gardeningmama

    Cream or Silver Spangled Brabanter Hatching Eggs

    I have a beautiful roo that is a brabanter cross. I am trying to duplicate him as closely as possible, and have had no success yet. I think pairing him with a Brabanter hen will give me the closest match I'm hoping for. So...I'm looking for hatching eggs to get him a hen, lol! If you have any...
  2. Gardeningmama

    Barnvelder Hatching Eggs

    I'm badly wanting some Barnvelder Hatching Eggs. If anyone out there has some they'd be willing to part with please let me know. Thanks So Much, Michelle
  3. Gardeningmama

    Relentless Hawk...Help!!

    Well, it finally happened...I lost my first chicken to a hawk. I'm thinking it's a Cooper's, but gonna research that out a bit more. I walked out the back to feed them, and he was just sitting there having one of my Lavender Orp's for lunch on the ground by the coop.The penned up birds were...
  4. Gardeningmama

    24 weeks old and still no eggs??

    I have a 24 week old flock of different breeds. 2 SLW, 1 Australorp, 1 EE, 2 Brahma, 1 Silkie Mix, all pullets, 1 Mixed Roo, 1 Ameraucana Roo. Not one hen is laying yet. They free range, coop at night, and are on SS Layer and Breeder. I thought they were possibly laying in the bushes, so locked...
  5. Gardeningmama

    Silkie Hen 12+ wks

    I am looking for a Silkie Hen to replace one that died. Her partner is very lonely. Would prefer local, and NO BLUE or BLACK. I am willing to pay for quality. I am in Southeastern Pa, Northern Harford County Maryland area.
  6. Gardeningmama

    Barnyard Mix It Up...

    Yesterday I went to a cool farm with lots of mixes running around. Yes, I love my pure breeds, but sometimes you can't beat a funky chicken! The first chicken is a roo for sure, what do you think possible mix is? Spiky hair, beard, the lacing I'm just curious what some guesses might be. Polish...
  7. Gardeningmama

    Green Dragon Question

    Okay, I live in South Eastern, Pa. I read in another thread about an upcoming auction at the Green Dragon Farmers Market In Ephrata, Pa on May 12th. There seemed to be much excitement about it, and I only live an hour away, so naturally I'm curious. I looked it up on line but found no special...
  8. Gardeningmama

    How To Make a Happy Family?

    Help! I have 4,7 week old RIR's (one is a roo). They are in the coop as of this week. I have three other brooders of different aged chicks almost ready to go out. I'm already having to keep my rooster away from my silkies as he doesn't seem too impressed with them. In two weeks I'll have...
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