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  1. Farmer_Dan

    Cockerels -- Local Pickup Only

    I have too many cockerels. I need to rehome them. I'm asking a modest $5 re-homing fee to help ensure that they go to good homes. I'm happy with it if you want to finish raising them and have them for dinner. I'm not fine with it if you plan to fight them or do anything else inhumane or cruel...
  2. Farmer_Dan

    Anyone use a Lyon Reptilife RL1 reptile incubator for hatching chicks? Curious if this could be used/modified to hatch out chickens. I understand reptiles need a much lower temp and no egg turning for incubation.
  3. Farmer_Dan

    Brooder Too Big?

    Question: Can a brooder be too big? If so, what problems occur when this is the case?
  4. Farmer_Dan

    Homemade incubator using an immersion water heater

    I wonder if something like this: would work for heating the incubator. If the heater is in the water and then the fan blows over the water, it should heat up the air in the incubator to the...
  5. Farmer_Dan

    Chickens plus unshelled peanuts

    Do they ever learn how to get them out?
  6. Farmer_Dan

    4X6 tractor -- How many chickens?

    I want to put together a breeding tractor (or a few) that will fit in the back of my small toyota pickup truck. 4X6 or 4X8 max, but can be 6 ft or so tall and doesn't have to be a triangle type. I would like to have at least 3 birds in there (1 rooster 2 hens) but maybe more. They wont be...
  7. Farmer_Dan

    Chickens go BWAAAAAK

    I got an incubator and guess what? It works!!! Maybe a little too well... I gotta get rid of these birds now so that the eggs that are in the incubator will have a brooder available to them!! Hopefully this will work: If not, what...
  8. Farmer_Dan

    EE roo over black Sumatra -- Will the offspring lay green eggs?

    EE roo over black Sumatra -- Will the offspring lay green eggs?
  9. Farmer_Dan

    Is this worth it? Or is it a super old model or something? Aren't these normally like 600 bucks? I would like a decent incubator, but not one if it's all messed up or old and not going to work or something....
  10. Farmer_Dan

    Is this just a bad idea?

    There's a wooded park like area next to my work. I would like to have some chickens living in there that I could go watch while I'm on break. I was thinking it might work to put a small chicken shelter up in a tree a little bit where the chickens would have to fly in at night to roost and...
  11. Farmer_Dan

    4 week old sumatra with a twisted neck

    Not sure why but this girl (or maybe boy) has a twisted neck. She can't seem to stand up or walk straight. The others were jamming her in the corner of the brooder. I have seperated her, she seems otherwise healthy except that she cant' hold her head straight...... any ideas??
  12. Farmer_Dan

    Boys? Girls?

    OK. So mostly joking, probably really tough to tell at this point, but hey, worth some pix.
  13. Farmer_Dan

    Leashing the rooster

    I have a roo that might be a bit too agressive for me. However, he's so nice to look at and his crow is full and loud. I love it. I tied a string onto his leg though, so I could catch him and pick him up and hold him and stuff...
  14. Farmer_Dan

    Best Coop for 50+ Juveniles

    Any of you that raise tons of birdies have a favorite type of coop or enclosure to use with juveniles? I am thinking a medium-large sized a-frame with no nests and mostly just roosting areas with exit holes big enough for them, but not big enough that the older birds can come in and harass...
  15. Farmer_Dan

    New Blue Roo

    Got this new boy yesterday. No clue what breed he is, but he's got such nice colors. The previous owner inherited him when he bought his house and had no hens for him. Also, they didn't feed him or anything. I was told that he was incredibly mean to people, but he certainly didn't seem...
  16. Farmer_Dan

    dry vs wet incubating...

    Having trouble finding a good list of pro / con for each style. Some people swear by doing it dry and others can't imagine having less than 45% humidity from day 1. So... what's your opinion?
  17. Farmer_Dan

    Dickey Incubator Questions

    First, I'm wondering about the different models, he has 2 models, a 2 X 2 model and a 3 X 1 model. I'm wondering what the point is of the 2X2 model. It seems like with the 3X1 model, you can add eggs every week and then every week move a new batch of eggs down into the hatching tray, and then...
  18. Farmer_Dan

    Which incubator to buy?

    I've gotten myself crazy into this.... I just ordered another 30 chicks from welp hatchery.... I'd like to hatch some, but I can't seem to rely so easily on the few broodies I have. I'd like to buy an incubator that's relatively cheap, but reliable and can hold 20 to 30 eggs maybe, any...
  19. Farmer_Dan

    Broody Hens Raising Meaties!!

    Instead of hijacking this other thread ( , I thought I'd start a new one. Ordered 25 cornish X chicks from Whelp Hatchery. Also, simultaneously, had 2 hens go broody and we put 8 fertile EE eggs under them. This will be the first...
  20. Farmer_Dan

    Getting ready for our first hatch

    We have a couple broody hens working on a small clutch of eggs. She's currently sitting in one of the main laying nests that the girls use. The new chicks will obviously have a difficult time trying to get up and down from that nest once they hatch. How should we deal with that? Shoudl we...
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