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    Molt - Soft Shell Eggs

    Molt question: I know the molt can cause a decrease in egg production but can it cause soft/no shell eggs? Our 2 one year old hens are going through the molt (not a hard molt) and eggs have decreased but I've found a big wet spot in the nesting box a couple times this week and was pretty sure...
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    Sick Hen

    One of our girls is not feeling well 😔 the last few days, we've noticed she stands in one spot under the coop and sleeps most of the day. She gets up and comes to the door when I go out but as soon as I'm back inside she goes back to her spot. I have moved her inside to monitor her eating and...
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    Keeping rain out of coop

    I know this is a long shot but thought I would ask here. Is there any kind of window mesh or fabric that allows airflow but blocks blowing rain? I'm about finished with my coop build and we've had alot of storms recently. Our normal hard rain isn't getting into the coop but we had a bad storm...
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    Eating bedding!

    Our chicks are 6 wks old and have been on the mini flake pine bedding. Tonight I switched them to the large flake bedding (all they had at the feed store) and they went crazy eating it 😳 am I freaking out for nothing? My chick anxiety is the worst 😂 we did the same thing (mini flake and then...
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    Favorite Roofing?

    I'm changing my mind about the roof on the coop I'm building (this is the 1,836,163th time I've changed this design). Now I'm thinking about doing either metal or polycarbonate roofing instead of shingles. I don't think I'm going to use plywood underneath, just hardware cloth. Will probably add...
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    Pallet boards for Roofing?

    Wondering if anyone has used pallet boards as the roof on a coop and then shingled those?🤔 trying to figure out a cheaper route than having to buy two more sheets of plywood as lumber is ridiculous right now.
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    Nesting Box Airflow

    Does anyone have windows or some kind of openings in their exterior nesting boxes? I live in TX where the summers are miserable. I'm designing and building a 4x8 coop with lots of windows for airflow but I'm worried about them sitting in the boxes to lay and getting hot. Wondering if anyone else...
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    Draft Prevention

    I live in North Texas so cold weather isn't a huge concern most of the time, however, the next few days and going into Jan/Feb we will be looking at possible freezing temps. I want to prevent drafts but also leave plenty of ventilation and I need help in deciding what to cover and what to leave...
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    Sprouting treats for chickens

    I'm wanting to start sprouting something for my girls during the winter, but I don't know where to get the seeds. Does anyone have a good place to get sprouting seeds that's not super pricey?
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    Brooder plate recommendations?

    I would like to get a brooder plate for my next round of chicks rather than a heat lamp. Does anyone have recommendations? I saw this one on amazon and posted about it in a facebook group but haven't gotten any feedback. Anyone using this one?
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    Fowl Pox - vitamins?

    I think my three hens have the beginning of fowl pox. They have a couple little white bumps on their waddles and combs. No wet symptoms yet. I know there's not really anything I can do but let it run its course but trying to figure out something to help boost their immune system and hopefully...
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    When to close windows?

    Hi there! I am in North Texas where is only gets below freezing a few nights per year so I'm not super worried about my hens getting cold, but I would like to know when y'all start closing the windows on your coops? They have plenty of ventilation around the top of the coop, so just wondering...
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    Coop sq ft??

    I am designing a small coop that will serve as a starter coop for 3 rir chicks until they are 16-18wks old, at which time they will go into a bigger coop with our other hens. My question is how small can I go with the starter coop? We would like to keep it small/lightweight enough to be able to...
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