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    Eggbound goose!

    I have a goose that I am sure is eggboung. My small group of buffs just hatched last spring, so this is their first breeding/laying season. My 3 girls started laying approximately one week ago. This morning I found one goose in the dog crate where they lay the eggs and she appeared to be...
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    Advice for keeping a blind duck?

    I have a juvenile spotted australian duck that has always been a bit different. I thought at first that she might suffer from a mild form of retardation, the way that she behaved and moved. But, after spending more time watching her interact with the larger flock, it has become apparent that...
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    Does molting cause a roo's comb to shrink?

    I have a bantam buff brahma rooster that is approximately 15 months old and appears to be molting. This is my first experience with molting, as I got my first chickens last spring and I wasn't sure what to expect. He has been loosing feathers for about 2 months, I would say and just doesn't...
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    Spotted australian duckling pics <3

    Here are our babies playing in water for the first time at about 1 week old.
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    Our new babies, spotted australians!

    Our new hatchlings; spotted aussies! 8 out of the 12 hatched and we are thrilled!
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    Blood at pip site on hatching duck egg...

    ... I have 12 spotted australian eggs in lockdown and 6 have pipped so far today (today is hatch day). And I just noticed that 1 that had pipped earlier now has a spot of blood over the pip site. Should I be concerned? Or intervene in any way? It appears to still be moving, but I have a fear...
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    My first duck eggs are hatching and...

    ... one that had pipped earlier today now has a spot of blood over the pipped area. Is this something that I should be concerned about? It is still rocking and I can hear it, but I've never seen this with any of my other hatches. I would hate to lose even one of my 12 spotted australians.
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    11 day old chick with scissor beak :(

    This just became apparent yesterday when I was holding one of my blue ameraucana chicks. I'm currently researching ways to remedy this before it gets any worse. Any of you have experience with this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Hate to lose the little guy!
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    My new fuzzy butts!

    Blue ameraucanas!
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    Green legs...?

    I have a couple chicks that are 4 1/2 weeks old. They are the result of BO hens and a bantam buff brahma roo. Neither of those breeds have greenish legs, but one my chicks is definitely showing some green color in the legs. These are my first mixed breed chickens so I didn't know if this was...
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    Dominique egg sizes?

    Received these dominique eggs today in the mail. Do they really get this big? Or do I have some sort of surprise egg?
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    Good dogs for chicken protecting?

    So, at the moment, we are dogless and that always makes for an empty-looking yard. I was thinking before looking for that special dog, that I would research which ones are used & trusted by folks for keeping an eye on the chickens. Oh, and not eating them! We live rural but plenty of people...
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    Eprinex dosing in flock of mixed sizes

    Having discovered lice on a few of my chickens yesterday, I purchased Eprinex today. My question is regarding the dosing for different sizes and ages. I have BO's, bantam brahmas, juvenile wyandottes that are nearly 3 months, oh, and a couple broody hens that have been setting on eggs since...
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    Hello from upstate NY!

    I am fairly new to raising chickens. We got our initial group in May; 8 buff orpington day-old hens. Then added a pair of buff brahma bantam chicks over the summer, one of which is turning out to be quite a handsome rooster! We also have cats, 2 macaws and an umbrella cockatoo. : >
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