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  1. chickiemama27

    Easter egger bantam roo X blue splash Andalusian

    We have a blue splash Andalusian hen and an EE bantam roo that produced this cutie, roosting beside her mama. Has anyone had a cross like this before? She is by far the calmest, happiest little chick we’ve ever had! Very social with us. She walks up to us and wants us to hold her, as long as we...
  2. chickiemama27

    EE bantam (roo) crossed with a blue splash Andalusian

    Our blue splash Andalusian just hatched one of her chicks last night. Daddy is a bantam EE. We didn’t think she was the mama to the baby because she’s often very ornery towards the roo and we hadn’t seen him mate with her in a long time. We assumed it was from our other white egg layer (polish...
  3. chickiemama27

    Worming (febendazole)

    Has anyone tried this product for deworming? The active is febendazole.... Thanks so much, Robin...
  4. chickiemama27

    Down sexing?

    I have been reading about down sexing and I’m having difficulty. Does anyone have any experience? Our Cochin is serving as a surrogate for some of our other hens. The yellow baby with a few black splotches has a buff laced polish mama and a EE bantam daddy. The other chick was from a standard EE...
  5. chickiemama27

    Strike lll dewormer

    One of my hens had white long, skinny worms come out in her feces this morning. Yesterday ironically, I had given her yogurt, garlic, thyme and basil. Wondering if that is what caused the expulsion of live worms. Today I spoke to an avian vet and they recommend going to our local feed store to...
  6. chickiemama27

    Help! Worms!

    Good afternoon! We’ve been keeping chickens for five years and have not had experience with worms. I have a mother hen who has a baby that is eight days old. She just went to the bathroom and had white longer thin worms in her stool. I’m sure baby has them now too. What do I do? That means the...
  7. chickiemama27

    Standard hen with bantam EE rooster

    We have a bantam Easter egger rooster, who has mated with a variety of standard chickens. Does anyone know the size tendency of the babies? Would they lean more standard or more bantam?
  8. chickiemama27

    Silver laced wyandotte and Easter egger bantam

    We have 2 coops with different roosters. Our first coop has a silver laced wyandotte rooster with a variety of hens (Ancona, orpington, white Cochins, bared rock, RIR). Our second coop has a bantam, busy, EE rooster with a variety of hens (EE, green queens, polish’s, black australorp, and a...
  9. chickiemama27

    My hen just danced??? 🤷‍♀️

    We have a flock of about 16 chickens. There is one rooster in the flock. I have observed one of our girls acting like a male at times. Theyre 7 months old. I just watched her dance for another hen. I haven’t ever seen anything like that before 🤷‍♀️😳 thoughts? It’s not a roo.
  10. chickiemama27

    Stool looks like water

    We have a chicken that is about eight months old. She stopped wanting to eat a lot but otherwise is acting fairly normal. We’ve been giving her a mash of yogurt, seeds, and other goodies to entice her. She’ll eat a bit of that. Her stool is clear, like water with a little bit of white in it. So...
  11. chickiemama27

    Egg color speckled

    Suggestions on what kind of hen might have layed this egg? I’ve looked up the potential breeds and can’t figure it out bc I don’t have those breeds. I have.... lavender orpingtons Buff orp Black australorp Ancona Light brahma Golden laced wyandotte Barred rock Partridge rock Thoughts??? Could...
  12. chickiemama27

    Spotted egg

    Can anyone tell me what kind of chicken would lay this kind of egg?
  13. chickiemama27

    Sick rooster

    Today my rooster started acting strange. I thought maybe he had something stuck in his throat. Long and short he vomited an hour and a half later and a decent sized wood chip came out. But not before he collapsed and started losing color and I had to sweep his throat. He was completely limp...
  14. chickiemama27

    Bantam sexing...

    This is one of our bantam Easter Egger chicks, 6 1/2 weeks old. Thoughts on roo or pullet?? I’m suspecting roo. If it’s a roo...does anyone have experience with EE bantam roos and their temperament?
  15. chickiemama27

    Rooster behavior question

    My rooster is a gentleman...he calls the hens when he finds food. Recently on our acreage, he will go find a small space by a tree or the coop and curl up in that space and make a similar sound to what he makes when he calls the hens. He squats down and sit on the ground. Any ideas what he might...
  16. chickiemama27

    cockerel fertile?

    At what age can a cockerel fertilize a hen, when mating? Our rooster and hens are 4 1/2 months old and mating. Wondering if eggs can be fertile now? Or too soon?
  17. chickiemama27

    Millie De fleur

    Curious what the temperament of a millie de fleur bantam rooster is, typically?
  18. chickiemama27


    We received some straight run bantams this week and are curious if there are any ways to sex them? We noticed that one of them has tail feathers already developing. Does this reveal anything? Thank you
  19. chickiemama27

    Electric fence/tape recommendations?

    We have a pretty tight run and coop, but we’ve seen two separate foxes on our property in 1 week and we watched one fox trot toward our run when my girls were out, until I ran outside to chase it off. We want to put some deterrents in place to discourage them. Thought of motion light, electric...
  20. chickiemama27

    Lavender orpington...Pullet?

    Question for the group. Can you tell if this is a pull it or a Cockrell? They will be seven weeks tomorrow. We got a mixed batch and they were all supposed to be hens. We’ve already figured out that one is a rooster. Your thoughts on this gal?
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