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  1. glendaschicks

    I have a decision to make, input would be appreciated

    We have a small flock of 7 birds that are approximately 6 months old. 2 Black Australorps and 5 Buff Orpingtons. They aren't pets or lap chickens, but I have gotten attached to them. Our problem is we ended up with 3 roosters... 1 BA and 2 BO's. We want to keep 1 rooster since we are in a...
  2. glendaschicks

    Broken wing?

    I noticed when I went out to feed this morning that one of my 19 week Buff Orps has a dangling wing. Things have been getting pretty rowdy in the coop the last few nights, so we put in another roost to add more room, and maybe alleviate the squabbling at night. They free range during the day...
  3. glendaschicks

    I need some advice

    We built our coop with five hens in mind, a 6'x10', with a sheltered roost 6' long. As it turns out, we ended up with eight; six Buff Orps and two Black Australorps. They free range during the day, let out at daylight, and don't go back in until dusk. All has been fine with their...
  4. glendaschicks

    Loving my chicks

    Hello from Arkansas. I am new to backyard chickens. Hubby grew up with free range, backyard chickens, but I had only been exposed to broiler house chickens, and day old chicks when I worked at a local hatchery years ago. Our chicks are eight weeks old, Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps...
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