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  1. brynnschicken

    Hen jumping on my back. Is this normal?

    I don't know if this is normal but this has never happened to me. So cute that your chicken does that. I had this baby rooster who liked climbing on shoulders though
  2. brynnschicken

    Fun Facts

    I'm currently making a website about chickens and I was wondering if anyone has recipes to make for my chickens. I would also like to know some fun facts or jokes :)
  3. brynnschicken

    Bear Attack

    Ok, so that is done. Another thing is she isn't in the coop anymore, she is staying indoors under constant supervision. I'm currently not with her, I'm just looking for extra help. My stepmom knows a lot about chickens and is taking pretty good care of her. I'll be updated in the morning though.
  4. brynnschicken

    Bear Attack

    Ok here it is. I didn't take the photo so I am not sure if this is her underside or back
  5. brynnschicken

    How can I keep my chickens safe from hawks?

    This is definetly really late but my chicken coop has chicken wire over top
  6. brynnschicken

    Bear Attack

    So a couple nights ago I had a bear and her baby break into my chicken coop. Only 1 out of 12 ended up dying but 1 was badly injured. She has bite wounds on her underside and on her back. The poor thing has gotten so much better, I know even though I haven't seen her in person. She was...
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