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  1. kingslake78

    Chick acts "drunk" can't figure out what's wrong??

    Google botulism. Also known as limber neck. Just had this happen and 7 of my ducks that I had cooped died. I scrubbed their coop, food bowls and water troughs and all is better. My ducks don't have E. Coli but was growing in a food dish that had "caked" food in the bottom which was releasing a...
  2. kingslake78

    Duck Eggs

    I am in the processing of trying to hatch some duck eggs. Can you feed the ducklings chic start??
  3. kingslake78

    Hi from Calhoun, La

    Thanks y'all.
  4. kingslake78

    Hi from Calhoun, La

    Is it much difference in them? And can u feed the ducklings chic start? Thank you!!!
  5. kingslake78

    Hi from Calhoun, La

    I'm new to BYC and new to raising chickens. Matter of fact, I just hatched my first baby yesterday. I have 3 hatched since then and have 2 more about to hatch. My next project is duck eggs!!
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