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  1. Quiggy

    We got a puppy

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had tips for good websites or teaching methods for keeping our new puppy uninterested in hurting my chickens. Shes a German Wirehair Pointer, which I realize are bird dogs. But I've read are one if the best for having chickens. The breeder has...
  2. Quiggy

    Update on my chicken... I need some advice. this is the original post. My chicken HoneyBee got attacked by a mink (we suspect) about 5 days ago. She's doing really well for a chick missing a leg and top beak. As to someone's suggestion, ive been syringe feeding her...
  3. Quiggy

    My chicken got attacked (update kind of)

    Yesterday I posted about my chicken being attacked by a mink/weasle. And from the help of many(thank you) I'm slowly trying to get her back to good health. But she has started a long screeching noise, which I originally thought was hunger, but I had fed her and she continued to do it. I cant...
  4. Quiggy

    Free range vs run

    Hey all, I just wanted opinions on how you keep your chickens, I free range mine but was wondering what your opinions were on it. I had an accident with a weasle/mink yesterday and I'm weighing my options if I should turn to a run rather than free range. What are your thoughts?
  5. Quiggy

    My chicken got attacked

    My chicken got attacked by a weasle, shes very much active and has been okay all day. But her top beak is gone. How will this heal? And how can I make the healing process easier on her?
  6. Quiggy

    Turkey helpers?

    Would a turkey chase off a weasle? My chicken got attacked but shes still alive. Like it tried but was cut short, all of my turkeys were out side if the yard when I got home as well.
  7. Quiggy


    One of my chickens was attacked while I was at work, shes alive surprisingly but her top beak is missing, and her head is pretty much missing all feathers. A farmer friend was 99% sure it was a weasle. What do I do if it is?
  8. Quiggy

    Need advice about managing winter with my flock

    I live in New england, and I've only had ducks in winter, now I have chickens turkeys and goats. How do you all prepare your flock for winter? We have a water heater but what about snow and making sure everyone is handling winter well?
  9. Quiggy

    My goat wont stop peeing on me! Help!!

    I have two male nigerian dwarf goats about 4 months old, Both are no longer intact. One of them(milo) has tried humping me, and pees on me or at least tries to everyday. He mounts our other goat constantly, hes absolutely out of control. What do I do?
  10. Quiggy

    What is she? I truly have no idea

    does anyone have any ideas as to what this furry footed beauty could be?
  11. Quiggy

    Im so confused about my turkey

    A week or so back I asked about my BB male turkey sitting in eggs. Well he has now not really laid, more pooped out 2 eggs, the shell wasn't hard, and it was yolk and no bigger than a good ball. Its a he because he has gobbled and has a beard, does anyone have any idea what the heck is...
  12. Quiggy

    My Tom seems confused.

    Okay so I have 7 turkeys in all. 2 of them are bb turkeys, both male(they're pets, I know that's frowned upon) but one of them has taken up sitting on a duck nest in our yard. We have 5 ducks and two are nesting. He continues to do it, I even put out un fertilized eggs for his own nest, but he...
  13. Quiggy

    The breed of my chick

    I recently got 16 chicks, and ive been able to somewhat guess what breed they are except 2 yellow ones with black sploches on their backs. I have no idea what they could be, anyone have any ideas?
  14. Quiggy

    Hi and hello

    Hi, I have a small homestead and thought it would be beneficial for me and the birds if I joined if anything were to arise or if i could be of any help. So hello nice to meet you :)
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