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  1. phoenixmama

    Funky wart/tumor/hard area on turkey's wattles

    So, DH and I were out checking on the turkeys and filling up feeders...noticed one of the BRs with some weird spot on it's wattles. I fished him out of his pen, and we tried getting a closer look. From far away it almost looked like a small abscess with a scab in the middle. Upon further...
  2. phoenixmama

    For those of you that buy feed in bulk for your broilers/turkeys...

    So, now that I have a realistic idea of how much feed we use for our broiler and turkey flocks, we've decided that buying feed in bulk is how we will it is becoming cost prohibitive to buy it by 50 lb. sacks. What are the logistics of this? Is it worth it to have it shipped in...
  3. phoenixmama

    Is this poult done for?

    I have a 5 day old BR poult that flipped itself over yesterday, is the smallest of the whole bunch, seems to have legs are are a little too long for its body, and is now sitting on my lap in a towel gasping. *Sigh* Earlier today I pulled it aside since it didn't seem to spend much time at the...
  4. phoenixmama


    There's a pretty diverse group there's gotta be someone else with it! Mine is chemo-induced. The pain in my elbows and lower legs is a lot to bear sometimes. If you have it...what works for you to ease the symptoms? I find that a heating pad helps, but the pain comes back the...
  5. phoenixmama

    On the banks of the Red Cedar...

    There's a school that's known to all; Its specialty is winning, And those Spartans play good ball; Spartan teams are never beaten, All through the game they fight; Fight for the only colors: Green and White. Go right through for MSU, Watch the points keep growing, Spartan teams are bound to win...
  6. phoenixmama

    Thoughts on proper age for canine castration/spaying...

    It's been a long time since I've had a dog spayed or castrated. Our two oldest dogs are 11 and 8. Some of you know we recently acquired a puppy, and in the past months as I was browsing for puppies I was quite surprised to see puppies as young as 8 weeks old already spayed or...
  7. phoenixmama

    Meatie without a bile duct?

    We are about a quarter of the way finished with this flock of meaties. I just processed one tonight that didn't have a bile duct. What's the deal with that? Anyone else see this before?
  8. phoenixmama

    How to grind up raw bones for puppies?

    If you grind up raw bones to give to your dog, what do you use to do the grinding? I think my Cuisinart food processor might be mad at me if I tried to pull that one.
  9. phoenixmama

    Feeding a 5 week old puppy *NEW PICS*

    I hope it's okay that I started a new topic...I wasn't sure if I should add this to my earlier topic since it is the about the same puppy but a different issue. Anyway...when it comes to feeding a 5 week old puppy: We have a high quality moist puppy food for him (top 6 ingredients are meat...
  10. phoenixmama

    Need advice from knowledgeable puppy person/dog breeder!!! *PICS*

    So, for the last several months my DH and I have been throwing around the idea of getting a puppy. We have two wonderful, well-socialized, well-trained dogs (11 yr. old Lab. Ret. and 8 yr. old Aust. Shep.). Okay, so there's your background information. I came across an ad on CL for Great...
  11. phoenixmama

    Flax Seed/Linseed Oil

    Is it necessary to use food-grade when using it on your roosts to keep mites at bay? Or is the kind you'd buy in the hardware store just fine?
  12. phoenixmama

    Lice and meat birds

    So, the biggest of my meat chickens are ready to go. I processed the four biggest ones today and noticed lice. I was wondering if I can use the pesticide dust on the smaller ones safely (since they won't be processed for a few more weeks). Is there some sort of withdrawal period for the...
  13. phoenixmama

    How long does it take a turkey to expire...

    ...if utilizing the throat slitting in a killing cone technique? We did our first two turkeys last week, and it seemed to take them a lot longer than the chickens. I believe this to be a humane technique, so I wasn't sure if I did something wrong when it took 5+ minutes for them to appear...
  14. phoenixmama

    [Title Edited] vs. feral cats

    Any experience? *Although some ways are not considered ideal to some, it serves the purpose of removing the offending predator. If you have an idea or a helpful comment, please do reply. If it is a sarcastic comment about the disposal or capture of a predator, please keep your thoughts to...
  15. phoenixmama

    Heritage turkeys

    I haven't gotten responses over in the turkeys section... So, how long is too long to wait to process heritage turkey breeds? I don't want them to be tough, but I'd like the hens to be a bit bigger. I've got Holland whites and Bourbon reds. Thanks!
  16. phoenixmama

    Too long to wait?

    So, I have three Holland Whites and two Bourbon Reds. They are all 28 weeks. One Holland White is a tom, and a big I'm thinking about sending him off to freezer camp. I'd like the hens to get a bit bigger before they go to freezer camp, but I'm worried they will get "tough" if I wait...
  17. phoenixmama

    Self righteous postal worker

    So, I went to the PO this morning to pick up my 50 colored ranger chicks from J.M. Hatchery. I had the pleasure of dealing with a self righteous postal worker going on and on about how inhumane it is to mail chicks, and how she doesn't eat meat or eggs. Whatever, lady.
  18. phoenixmama

    Colored Easter chicks

    Anyone know how they dye chicks? Is it an awful thing, or pretty harmless?
  19. phoenixmama

    Eucalyptus tree: poisonous?

    I have one in my front yard. Someone told me they are poisonous. The chickens can't reach the leaves on the tree, but occasionally some will fall to the ground. Is this a problem?
  20. phoenixmama

    Best place to buy poultry bags?

    Who has the best prices on the poultry bags?
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