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  1. Familychickenslep

    Help identify New chicks

    New baby chicks please help identify them. My guess is that (1-2) are potentially Gold Neck d'Uccle or buff cochin/ cochin bantam (1)Chi and (2)Pea are very similar the main difference is wing shape/feathers and Pea is more feathered on the feet. (3) Goose is the same color except no feathers...
  2. Familychickenslep

    What breeds do I have?

    We picked up some chicks at Atwood and have no knowledge of the breeds as they were mixed and the workers themselves didn’t know. My guess 1-2 might be Leghorns, 9-10 Buff Cochin Bantam or Barred Cochin, and 12 might be a Black Copper Maran? As for the rest I am not quite sure I am still...
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