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  1. Cyclonechick

    Blue Isbar or Blue Andalusian

    Help! In mid- August I had gotten 5 Blue Andalusian chicks. In early September I hatched 4 of Silverudd's Blue Isbar chicks. Due to a crazy schedule and some predator issues, I realize that I have 4 pullets that I have no idea which breed they are. I'm hoping that one of the experts here on...
  2. Cyclonechick

    Meyer Hatchery - Breed Help!

    I ordered some Swedish Flower hens , Cochins, and some Appenzeller Spitzhaubens at the end of May. These chickens are 2 months old and I am stumped as to what breed they are since they don't seem to fit the standard of anything I ordered. Would also love input on pullet or roo if you have an...
  3. Cyclonechick

    Male or Female Emus

    Hi Everyone, First, we are new to Emus and while I know vent sexing and DNA sexing are the "actual" ways to know if an Emu is male or female, my kids and I are still trying to have some fun guessing before we send off for the DNA test. And we are hoping to get some opinions on your thoughts on...
  4. Cyclonechick

    Breed help!

    I ordered some pullet babies (Blue Red Laced Wyandottes, Austra Whites and Blue Andalusians) and now I have this chick that is certainly not like the others. Is she an Easter Egger? Would love some insight! Thanks!
  5. Cyclonechick

    Blue Isbar - Rooster or Pullet?

    Hi Everyone, I hatched some rare eggs from a breeder and this one is an Isbar. Best I can tell a Blue Isbar. And for any Isbar experts out there, would love your input on if this is a roo. I believe I see enough hackles and some saddle feathers and of course the huge comb and wattles....but deep...
  6. Cyclonechick

    Broody Hens Help (first time using Broody to hatch)

    Hi everyone (sorry for the long post) We recently had 3 of our hens go broody - our 3 Black Marans. The first one started sitting on her small clutch of 5 eggs (3 were fake) about 25 days ago. But shortly after she did, her two sisters started to take turns with her or go in the nest box next to...
  7. Cyclonechick

    Blue/Black Splash Ameraucana Rooster

    I think we are the rooster capital of the world! I keep hatching roosters! We hatched a blue/black splash Ameraucana chick and sure enough, she is on her way to becoming a "he". No crowing yet, but it's only a matter of time (unless my assessment is wrong)! This is not an EE - but a true...
  8. Cyclonechick

    Frizzled Cochin Bantam Roo - Needs a home!

    Hello All, We are so sad but our Ms. Frizzle turned out to be a Mr. Frizz and he is a loud and proud kinda guy. Our go-to place for when we've hatched roosters is full and Frizz, likes to wake up at 5:00 a.m. (something that I know our neighbors don't like). We can't have roosters and we've...
  9. Cyclonechick

    Chicks from my pet chicken - would love help in determining gender and breed!

    Hello All, I hatched some eggs from a My Pet Chicken "Fun and Funky" and the Black Blue Splash Ameraucana. I had terrible success (package went missing, arrived 2 days late, etc..), but here are my two babes. They are 3 weeks old. BBS Ameraucana - I'm thinking pullet but would love any input...
  10. Cyclonechick

    Silkie Chicks

    Can anyone recommend where to find silkie chicks for sale in Southern California? We live in the San Diego area and we really want to add some to our backyard flock. Thank you! Susan
  11. Cyclonechick

    6 week old chicks - Anconas and Cuckoo Marans

    This is my first time raising Anconas and Cuckoo Marans! For those of you "in the know", are they showing any definitive signs of being a pullet or rooster? 1. Poppy - Cuckoo Marans - Pullet? 2. Pepper - Cuckoo Marans - Pullet? 3. Taz - Ancona - Pullet...
  12. Cyclonechick

    Would LOVE help in sexing chicks!

    I have several different chicks that I am raising and since I'm not familiar with tell tale signs of "hen or roo", I know this was the best place to come to get help! They are 8 weeks old and I have 2 Blue Andalusians, 1 Easter Egger, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Buff Orpington. I'll list them...
  13. Cyclonechick

    Fowl Pox? Need help identifying what's wrong please!

    Hi everyone, About 3 weeks ago, I posted a pic of one of our Golden Laced Wyandotte's (6 months) with a lump that was scabbing over. Someone posted that it was possible it was Fowl Pox. Since then, she has been perfectly fine and started laying her first eggs. Here is the pic that I posted of...
  14. Cyclonechick

    Crusty Brown Earlobe - Help!

    We have a two - 5 month old Golden Laced Wyandotte chickens and one of them has an earlobe (left side) that is turning brownish/black and crusty. It looks like a scab but I wanted to reach out in case anyone knows what this is and offer any advice. Her other lobe looks healthy except for two...
  15. Cyclonechick

    New at chickens and would love some input!

    Hi everyone, We have 9 baby chicks and they are between 6.5 - 8 weeks old. This has been the BEST experience raising them from just a few days old. My kids and I have named them and we/they have grown very attached to "their" special chick. About 3 days ago, we heard one (maybe more than one)...
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