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  1. Kitt

    Scrappy the stupid....pic added

    I have been working on integrating Scrappy and BB into the flock. All was going well. I put them in today and Easter had a bit of an issue with the new comers but it was over quickly. Wolfie (cochin) walked up to Scrappy being nice and Scrappy went all kinds of stupid baby roo on him...
  2. Kitt

    New Fuzzies w pics

    Tinkle hatched 4 of her babies so far. So the brooders is up and running again. Waiting for the others and Boss Ladies to hatch. Will post pics soon. Please no more broody and no more roos
  3. Kitt

    Tell me this manly, fighting bird is a she

    dad is EE , mom is OEG I think it's a she but she fights worse than her brother . This one and the "twin" both have large legs..I hope these are just manly girls.
  4. Kitt

    Ranchy if you caused this....

    I hope that 2 of my "girls" are just tough UFC Fighters with manly legs since they are cross bred. All they do thru out the day is mock fight. All the cute neck feathers all up, neck weaving. Cercinn (their brother) and Wolfie (my cochin) don't do it that much. Then again Wolfie only...
  5. Kitt

    My daughter and the chicks

    My DD took the special needs silkie chicks out and was hanging with them on the bed. She had a sandwich and refused all begging efforts with the chicks. Wouldn't even give them a crust of bread. Well that got her the stink eye. She laughed. She fell asleep with them on the bed. She woke up...
  6. Kitt

    Went to the feed store

    And they had EE chicks and Guinea keets. I really really really wanted some of each. But I just bought all my feed and left. Didn't buy a single one. But....I am wondering how I can get 2 more brooders and if I can get a Guinea pen done in time......
  7. Kitt

    Why do people post things,

    and want opinions just to get mad at what is said and say mean and hurtful things to the people who reply? I think if you can't sort out the good and well meaning advice/opinions from the others, then people shouldn't post. When posting please remember that everyone was raised different...
  8. Kitt

    Pics of other chicks

    My Blue Cochin Roo Morganna blue cochin Sophie another silkie I got with the other 2 I don't know what to call this color
  9. Kitt

    Opinions please

    A few weeks back, I went to buy chicks and saw these 2 were so bad. Covered in dried poo and the white one couldn't walk. Now it can walk but it just don't seem quite right. The black one (was told it was blue) had a wing ripped off by a cat. I was told the white one is a splash but to me it...
  10. Kitt

    Can't do this much more

    I take care of my in-laws. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I have 2 BILs and one is married. Neither one wants anything to do with their parents unless they want money. The SIL has called animal control because my llama was too skinny. He just got shaved and they do look super...
  11. Kitt

    My blue cochin pullet...

    isn't a pullet. I went out today and he is def a he. Now that is going to put me up to 4 roos. Now have to come up with a new name cause I can't call him Morticia (FIL named him).
  12. Kitt

    If it isn't the chickens it's this...

    Something is always where it isn't supposed to be. Lucy decided the cat was not going to get away with stealing her food.
  13. Kitt

    Dogs are leaving

    Told MIL NOT to leave her dogs un attended....well she done it. I lost 1 OEG my lakenvelder, 3 buff orps and my DD br. The BR was my daughters therapy pet since her therapy dog is old. Yes my DD has some special needs. I lost it. The replacement is going to cost and MIL IS paying for...
  14. Kitt

    Does this little face scream roo?

    I really think Cercinn is a roo. Do you think I'm right? He isn't afraid of anything. His dad(EE Crinkle) came up to his pen and he tried to beat his dad up thru the fence.
  15. Kitt

    Time to buy new locks for the pens and hide the keys

    I had 2 hours sleep, got up let the girls out, fed and watered the ones in the grow out pen and the ones in quarantine. I go back to sleep for a few hours and glance at my grow out pen and there was more chicks in it that earlier. I go look and it is the ones form quarantine!!!!! I run back...
  16. Kitt

    Oh Sourland.............................we need to talk

    I know I said I wanted a hen to go broody. I even asked for the broody ju ju. But did ya have to direct it to my hen with kinda stupid qualities??? I couldn't find where one of them was laying and I always seen the hens out. Today I couldn't find her and after hours of looking I found...
  17. Kitt

    Hey Grit, I'm here....

    And so exhausted from taking care of those new babies. The older ones are peachy. It's the 2 smallest ones. They eat more than mine ever did. They did gain an ounce each so . The one little one (mil named Lacey) is now trying to scratch and is walking more. Don't know if her little legs...
  18. Kitt

    Please tell me how this happened

    I have my Silkie, Widget in her cage in the house. ( long story on why) She has clean shavings. I walked by her earlier and her poof on her head was covered in poo !!! How did she manage that?? It looked like she rubbed it down to the skin. Took forever to get her clean. Just when I...
  19. Kitt

    The worst pain ever

    Dad came and got me because my hens somehow sneaked into the house. Well, got them out with no problems and dad and I went outside for a few and as usual, I had no shoes on. I turned to come in the house and suddenly had this horrible pain in my foot that wouldn't stop. I doubled over and...
  20. Kitt

    My youngest son called me tonight...

    And told me that I'm going to be a grandma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Granted, I do wish he would have waited a little longer but he has a job, his own apartment and is doing good. I am so shocked and surprised. I don't know if to laugh, cry or do some crazy dance. Going baby shopping tomorrow.
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