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  1. Fire-Chicken

    Chickens Laying S...L...O...W...E...D, What Happened ?

    Good day everyone! I have recently added the 5 new girls to the living area (coop and run) permanently. A total of 12 hens under one roof. The older girls (one year old) - 2 Swedish Flowers, 2 Welsummers, 2 Speckled Sussex, 1 Cream Legbar The new girls (17 weeks old) - 2 Blue Copper Marans, 2...
  2. Fire-Chicken

    New chick integration; 7 existing + 5 new chicks

    Ok, so I have some questions about introducing new chicks to my current flock. These questions may piggy-back. or, may be in addition to this (or other) threads. My Coop & Run Facts: Coop is 8'x6' Open floor plan with three nesting boxes 15 linear feet of roosting space (I plan on expanding...
  3. Fire-Chicken

    Top 10 “Must Have” First-Aid & Care/Prevention Items

    Good day everyone! What are your go-to items for first-aid as well as care/prevention of your coop/run/chicks? Has anybody else put a first-aid kit together? What human-grade items are safe for chickens? What items do you readily keep on hand for preventative, coop housekeeping measures...
  4. Fire-Chicken

    Synergize Cleaner / Disinfectant

    Has anyone used this product for coop housekeeping? Any pros and cons would be wonderful. Thanks a bunch! Fire-chicken Southwest Florida
  5. Fire-Chicken

    Top 10 “Must Have” Care/Prevention & First-Aid Items

    Good day to everyone! What are your top 10 care/prevention and first-aid items, every chicken owner should have on hand all of the time? Just another survey and food for thought, from South Florida. I’m going to put a prevention and first-aid kit together soon, as the girls will be going out...
  6. Fire-Chicken

    Disinfectant Product Poll & Input

    Good day everyone from southwest Florida! So, I’m just going to throw this out there... I have had chickens in the past. We are building a brand-new coop (our first one after a long, life-directed sabbatical). :lau We are looking for input on coop disinfectants and preventative maintenance...
  7. Fire-Chicken

    Minimum Strength Chicken Coop Fencing; Thoughts/Input Request

    Good day everyone! I am planning on building a chicken coop, with run, and would like to know your thoughts about the MINIMUM height size and gauge fence material I should use. Here are some of my coop/run plans, as well as location demographics and local predators. - Location: South Florida...
  8. Fire-Chicken

    Chicken Boredom and Feather Picking

    Hello to All !! Not sure of the problem, or solution, but here goes... My 2 Reds are losing tail feathers. The 2 Buffs have nothing going on. The Reds (one in particular) is the lead hen and really knows it. I have no roos. They get good protein from their feed (Nutrena Layer pellets), 6...
  9. Fire-Chicken

    South Florida Black Bears vs. Chickens & Coops

    This is a call for help from those living south of Lake Trafford, Florida. I have a 4'x8' "stilt" chicken coop, elevated 30" off of the ground, with a fully enclosed pen underneath (in case I can't let the girls free range in the yard). I have 2 black bears frequenting the coop. One, a 250...
  10. Fire-Chicken

    Solar Electric Fencing / Predator Proofing

    Does anyone have any insight and/or suggestion about solar electric fencing or electric poly wire for chicken coops? Type, size, voltage, brand, cost? How about any other protective measure? I have a 'stilt' coop with a free run pen underneath. The dimensions of the pen is 3' high, 4' wide...
  11. Fire-Chicken

    Just Lost All 4 Hens, Help!

    Hello to all! Thants right, I just lost all 4 of my hens to either a raccoon pack, or, a Florida Black Bear! They just started laying at 12 to 12 1/2 weeks, 3 chickens getting 1 egg on the ground and the other 3 eggs. What a sad start to the 4 th of July. I am asking this question to South...
  12. Fire-Chicken

    First Egg and "Left-over" starter feed

    Ive got a couple of questions... Briefly, I've got 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Americaunas. They were hatched on February 14, 2012 and I just got my first egg late last night or early this morning, July 1, 2012. I think it's great, the one Buff (Nancy) is an over-achiever, laying the first at only...
  13. Fire-Chicken

    Hello from waaaayyyy South Florida!

    This may be repeated for some (sorry)... I am finally a legal member of this website! I have used this website and the help of some of your posts, to assist me in starting to raise my FIRST chickens. I have 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Americaunas. Oh my, what fun! I have had the chicks since...
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