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  1. killer

    chciken invaders

    found this. check it out.
  2. killer

    what breed of game is she?

    she was sold to me as a brownred. i seen the parent stock. i might have a picture of the father. i will have to look. but she looks just like her mama.
  3. killer

    homemade feed

    feed i mixed sat june 27 1 part corn meal from a water mill(old school corn meal) 1 part cracked corn 4 parts wheat 2 parts oats 2 parts soy bean meal i figured it should be about 16.6 in protein. any gurus out there can help?
  4. killer

    what kind of game are these.

    my wife's uncle brought me these from someone that olny has game chickens. he brought me 10 eggs and i got to hatch 5 good looking babies out of them.
  5. killer

    1 Doz. of Bantam Cochins and a few mix small Bantam eggs *Mississippi*

    i have 1 Black Bantam Cochin roo in with 5 Black Bantam Cochin hens and 1 white with brown and copper splashes on her. We also have a few mix small bantams. Most of the eggs will come from the Cochins. because my mix bantams is 1 roo and 2 hens. $15 shipped Just post sold and pm me. thanks
  6. killer

    playing with Genetics calculator?

    what would you use for a male brown leghorn? would you use Partridge, light brown?
  7. killer

    HALO here is your babies

    i hatched these out of the eggs i got from you. For everyone that wants to know it's the Blue and blue/barred rock eggs. i want more they are cute and when my dog came to look at them when i had them out side they came running back to me. just like i would save them. and i would. you...
  8. killer

    Does anyone have pictures of brown leghorn/RIR cross

    i have a brown leghorn roo and 5 rir hens and one buff in a pen.
  9. killer

    Mottled Bantam What Kind?

    i got these and they are full grown. not laying yet but was told it want be long.
  10. killer

    buff Ameraucana

    who raises these or gold/black ones. i had a hen and loved her my son put the chickens up and let her out and the coons got her. firt time in 3 years that we lost any chicken. but i would love to get some buff or glod /black one again. most of mine are hatching out grey/white or blackor...
  11. killer


    i use these to candle my eggs and wanted to know if anyone would want one. It's a 9 led light with a rubber gasket that i found to work real well with my EE and RIR eggs. I can do five of them with the parts i have right now at $10 each with free shipping.
  12. killer

    what chick is

    this little one i picked up at a yard sale. It is solid black with balck legs and can't tell what comb it has yet. it is about 4 days old now. anyone know what cicks are born that way. he said it was purebreed from a hatchery.
  13. killer

    5 day acting funny

    what is it when a baby is open and close beak like its breathing hard. should i worry.
  14. killer

    egg flat hatching?

    i have been rolling these by had for 18 days laying on their side. so i want to know if i put them in a flat now would it hurt them? i got them in one now but i can lay them down if i need to.
  15. killer

    help maybe.

    i got a baby that was to big for his shell. i help him out by knocking the top off the egg so he could get out. i got home and my son had taken him out of the bator. and put him with the other chicks but he has one leg that is bend up to him chest like he is setting down. it want striaghting up...
  16. killer

    any hatched with ?

    a hole the size of a dime in it? Well we had a slip and knocked a hole it a egg. just the shell is broke the membrain is intack. i just put a paper cloth over it with a little water in it. this is day 18.
  17. killer

    hen stole my brooder chicks.

    our boys let the 4 week old RIR chicks out to play in the grass every day. well wensday the got home from school and let them out and a Buff Orpington hen, we just got rounded them up and claimed them. so after a little fight we put her and the chicks in a place of their own. i hope she will...
  18. killer

    roosters for sale or trade in central mississippi

    I have a medium size Cochin an a white Leghorn. I want $5 a peice for them or will trade for RIR hen or a Dominique hen. would also trade for a Buff Orpington hen or rooster. pick up only.
  19. killer

    started on a homemade bator hatcher.

    this one is 16 x 16 x 16 inches. got some ideas. might can use a few more. like light placement or ?
  20. killer

    need to know?

    i have a little fuzzybutt that is bleeding out of butt. it has a small scratch on its bottom below (it look like belly button) about a 1/16 long. it has quit bleeding now but he/she is not walking yet. just flopping around now and then. i think he will be ok. just want to ask.
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