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  1. sueandthe6

    singleton chick- weak, bad hatch and trouble walking- I think???

    out of 13 random eggs that ai never planned on incubating- 3 hatched last week tues in to wed. they went under a broody fri and are happy in their new world. fri 5 am one had pipped- this afternoon I helped him out and about an hour ago he was still seeming weak. Got him some sugar water and...
  2. sueandthe6

    when to help hatch

    I have eggs of unknown age in the incubator-most look to be within a few days of hatching. Momma got off the nest when two hatched so I put the remaining 12 in the incubator sat. mon into tues two pipped and hatched. tues a third did. I also pulled a rotten one tues. Last night i candled the...
  3. sueandthe6

    how long can they stay in incubator?

    So my saga has brought me three chicks. 2 that pipped and hatched pretty close together, and a third that pipped as the others were drying. Its been 24 hours for the first two and they are dry. The newbie hatched overnight and is drying but not dry. My thought is/was to move them all to the...
  4. sueandthe6

    newbie to incubating- need help

    History: One time maybe 7 yrs ago I did a homemade incubator and tried hatching eggs. Didn't go well and since then I leave it all in the hens hands/wings?? Facts: I'm not great at picking up eggs regularly (maybe 3 or 4 times a week-not an issue, until the ladies want to sit) I'm...
  5. sueandthe6

    free to good home- base for coop? SE Pa

    actual metal base of old 43 ft x 12 ft mobile home. axles still good but might need tires to move. brought a newer home onto the property and demolished this one. I know some people have used them to build tractors or stationary large coops. Move it and its yours. southeast PA zip 19567.
  6. sueandthe6

    mobile home trailer for coop

    I moved a newer mobile home onto my property two years ago. The old one circa 1953 had seen much better days. I had two guys come and demolish it and all that will remain after tomorrow is the actual "trailer" base. I'm not nearly handy enough to do anything with it or looking for that large...
  7. sueandthe6

    rat bait boxes bait vs food

    I slightly hijacked an earlier thread about my now visible rat problem and someone suggested bait boxes. I was concerned with glue or snap traps due to the birds and other critters. I love the bait box idea and have now been reading for over an hour about them. seems most people have good...
  8. sueandthe6

    Roos living in peace-can it be?

    So I am reading several of the "roosters getting along" posts with bated breath. I am considering trying to blend a new roo into an established flock and am curious how to decide if/when it isn't going to work. I have a small flock- 2 hens and 2 roos who free range 24/7 with access to a small...
  9. sueandthe6

    how contagious are leg mites?

    adopted a flock from shelter. some have leg mites but looks like some don't. Is that possible? Do I treat them all anyway? They have been together for at least two months- probably a lot longer than that. Also- my current crowd free ranges most of the day but mostly on a different part...
  10. sueandthe6

    egg laying while mothering a chick

    I left two of my girls go broody. They each sat on a nest but I wasn't diligent about marking or pulling eggs so the other girls kept laying too. Finally after weeks of barely any eggs I marked some and got my act together. They eventually hatched out one chick (3 others hatched in the...
  11. sueandthe6

    quick/less handling way to dispatch

    posting here since the topic seems to come up more here than with layers. need a quick way to dispatch. have a friends chicken- was discovered to be an egg eater. came from an auction and is very very skittish. catching her will be trauma enough- I usually sit with them wrapped in a towel and...
  12. sueandthe6

    chicks getting out of coop/run

    so I have two broodies right now... one on three eggs and one on 5. they are due to hatch late this week- I admit I am not super diligent so maybe Fri maybe sun. My concerns are two/three fold. My coop is small- just for bed time... and has built in nest boxes that are maybe a foot off the...
  13. sueandthe6

    two broody girls in a hot coop

    I have two girls who went broody almost 2 weeks ago. I am totally fine with it except they want 93 degrees tomorrow. My coop is small-maybe 4 by 6 or 5 by 6 and I am nervous they will cook if they stay sitting. will they go out and cool off?.............................
  14. sueandthe6

    wet unhatched chicks

    friend had a broody girl so I gave her some of my fertilized eggs...3 cochin eggs and 3 cochin/orpington or cochin/brahma. she sat and on day 21 like clockwork one hatched. on day 23 friend pulled rest of eggs assuming none were viable. we opened them for learning since I am totally new...
  15. sueandthe6

    what breed are these?

    these little guys were surrendered to my shelter by someone who bought them at a reptile show. They were going to be food so she felt bad. Now we have them and have to figure out what to do with them. don't know how old they have to be to be adopted or what they are. any thoughts? trying...
  16. sueandthe6

    how to move them out of the nest box

    in the fall I added two chickens. both turned out to be roosters but it was winter and I left them with the girls. This started a habit of roosting/pearching in the edge of the nest boxes. Got more roost space and now cant get them to leave the nesting boxes.
  17. sueandthe6

    free ranger laying in random spot

    I have a couple girls who can get out over the 6 ft chain link. I do range almost daily and they don't go anywhere but are laying in a small "aisle" aside of my house. It started with the red girl laying in the corner of the little alcove outside my front door. One morning I didn't give her...
  18. sueandthe6

    leghorn shells cracking

    I have 8 girls-two leghorns, two orpingtons, a bramah, a production red (I think), a cochin and a mutt. This will be my second summer with them- and they came to me as mostly adults last march. They all free range almost daily, for several hours in my stone/dirt driveway and the leghorns...
  19. sueandthe6

    rooster rough when breeding hens

    I have two cochin roos who started breeding my girls within the last month or so. I am/have been looking to rehome one since the winter due to not having enough females. No luck so far. Now I have separated one because one of my leghorns has a huge wound in the back of her neck from the...
  20. sueandthe6

    partridge cochin rooster full size

    brought home two peeps last fall. not he pair of marans they were supposed to be. I only have 8 hens and the two roos are too much for them- my one leghorn is torn up badly. one of these boys needs to go and soon. Sweet with me and good with the girls overall just rough now that they are...
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