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  1. Ineke9909

    The AMERAUCANA thread

    Yay, got my first eggs from my girls 💕
  2. Ineke9909

    Coffee Club

    Good morning! I‘m happy today because I got my first eggs from my young Ameraucaunas yesterday 🙂💕
  3. Ineke9909


    On the blue door
  4. Ineke9909


    Not a 100%, but by the paw print on the coop door, I’m thinking bear. The other possibility would be a cougar, but I like that less. The only thing against a bear is there are no claw marks. No return as of now, set up a trail cam and also a motion sensor sprinkler.
  5. Ineke9909

    Club moss/crowsfoot

    I have an area I wanted to fence in for them going into the woods and it seems that the only thing growing there is the crowsfoot, that’s why I was worried
  6. Ineke9909

    Hello Hendrika! My name is Ineke Hendrika, I am from Nederland, but now live in North Carolina.

    Hello Hendrika! My name is Ineke Hendrika, I am from Nederland, but now live in North Carolina.
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    Last night a bear, probably a young one, tried to get into our coop. Thank goodness he was not successful. He did tear down part of the fence around the day run outside, but the hardware cloth on the coop run held 🙂
  8. Ineke9909

    Club moss/crowsfoot

    I live in the Appalachian foothills in western North Carolina. My woods are full of crows foot club moss. Is this safe for chickens?
  9. Ineke9909

    2021 Chicken Gift-Ideas Giveaway - Over $500 In Gifts Up To $35 Each!

    I would love to get this set of chicken toys now that the weather is changing. Something to entertain the girls during the dark winter days...
  10. Ineke9909

    New members show me your cockerels!

    In that case, here is my Silver lace Barnevelder.
  11. Ineke9909

    Could a poisonous snake kill an adult chicken?

    No, dogs are not immune. Our dog was bitten in the face by a copperhead and his whole head swelled up to double size, he made it without permanent damage, but he was lucky. Copperheads dont usually kill a dog, but rattlesnakes will
  12. Ineke9909

    My new coop and starting my flock

    Thats funny, mine didnt like the flat 2x4, they like them on end so they can wrap their toes around. ( i like that because they don't collect poop) The roost closer in the picture was flat, but they didnt use it until we flipped it up. In the outside run we have a flat 2x4 and a couple of 2-3”...
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    New members show me your cockerels!

    When does a cockerel turn into a rooster?
  14. Ineke9909

    The Mighty Barnevelder

    I have a tiny flock of Barnevelders, three silver lace hens, one blue and two roosters. I know, but they all seem to get along fine so far. They are eight months old. Very laid back, except the blue hen, she’s crazy.
  15. Ineke9909

    The AMERAUCANA thread

    Im starting to see little muffs, so cute
  16. Ineke9909

    The AMERAUCANA thread

    I got three blue ameraucana pullets ( I hope) They look quite grey, do they turn bluer as they get older ? They are the friendliest and smartest little gals, also escape artists 🙄. They have integrated well with my little flock of Barnevelders. They are about 8 weeks old now. What is the...
  17. Ineke9909

    Silver lace barnevelder rooster needs a home.

    Fred calmed down, he is buddies with Ed the other rooster now, so he gets to stay 🙂
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