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  1. wychickenwrangler


    We have a little bantam hen and we can"t figure out what"s wrong with her. it started out 2 days ago when she was just limping around. Today she will not walk at all & just lays there all puffed up. We thought that maybe she had hurt her leg, but now one of our 4 month old orpingtons is...
  2. wychickenwrangler

    Third Hatch Is A Charm !!!!!!!

    First hatch ended in total let down. 0 for 5. Second hatch 1 for 4. This hatch was a perfect 6 for 6. All of them were homegrown fertile eggs. The only difference is that for the last hatch, I left the eggs out on the counter to settle for 24 hours, before putting them in to the bator. So happy...
  3. wychickenwrangler

    Looking for info.

    We recently hatched a batch of our homegrown eggs in the incubator. Two of them were from our mama turken. I know very little about genetics in chickens. One of them hatched out to be a little buff colored chick, which would make sense because we have a buff orpington rooster. He/she looks like...
  4. wychickenwrangler

    Frustrated !!!

    I recently purchased a fan forced air incubator. We set it up & ran it for 3 days to make sure that the temp. was well regulated. Since we were waiting for some eggs that we ordered to arrive, we decided to give some of our home grown eggs a try. the first three were candeled at 10 days. we...
  5. wychickenwrangler

    Am I to late.

    We recently noticed that out daily egg count was down by one egg, but didn't really think much of it. Thinking that maybe two of them were laying every other day. This morning I discovered why we were short, one of the hens had been going to the barn & laying hers in the hay stack. My question...
  6. wychickenwrangler

    What would the results be????

    What would be the result of breeding a buff orpington rooster to white leghorn hens?
  7. wychickenwrangler

    Daughter flogged......ROOSTER DEAD !!!!!!!!

    In the last couple of weeks, I noticed that one of our orpington roosters was becoming more aggressive. Last night while checking their food & water, he came after me. I booted him across the yard & figured that he had learned his lesson. This morning while riding her bicycle, my daughter was...
  8. wychickenwrangler

    Rooster crowed !!!!!!

    Our 18 week old black austrolorp rooster crowed for the first time today, & I must say it was hilarious!!!!! I don't know which was funnier, him with his puney crow, or my daughter giggeling because she said it sounded like he was running out of air. He crowed 4 different times and then was sooo...
  9. wychickenwrangler

    Egg Time ??????

    What time of the day do your hens typically lay their eggs ??
  10. wychickenwrangler

    Silkie question ???????

    I am looking into getting a few silkie chicks to raise for my little 5 year old to show at the local county fair next year. My question is this. When they are old enough, can I put them with my other chickens, or will the others pull their feathers out? Is it better to keep them in their own pen?
  11. wychickenwrangler

    School project chickens ?????

    Just got these two from some people who's kids got them after a school project, but they have no idea what breed. Anyone know??? I'm thinking production reds ?? they said that they are approx 6 weeks.
  12. wychickenwrangler

    First integration successful....... so far.

    Just integrated 3 turkins with the big girls. All looks to be going good so far. Is there anything in particular I should watch for?
  13. wychickenwrangler

    Sexing by leg color ?????

    Can you tell the sex of a 10 week old buff orpington by the color of their legs? I have two with light colored legs & 1 with really yellow/orange legs.
  14. wychickenwrangler

    That was close!!!!

    My daughter & i were just out running the girls off of the deck furnature when we noticed that one was missing. We started walikng to the coop when we noticed a hawk swooping down by the coop. Luckily the chicken ran in to the coop & wasn't eaten. Needless to say, we just finished locking the...
  15. wychickenwrangler

    WTB Silkie hatching eggs!!!!!

    Is there anyone in wyoming or Western South Dakota that has silkie eggs for sale? I want to try my hand at hatching them, but after all i've read about shipped eggs, I think that I would prefer to find some locally & drive to pick them up myself. Thanks.
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