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  1. phoenixmama

    Chefs talk to me..... fried chicken.

    I've been off of BYC for a while, but had to post on this thread. Here's my tip that makes for good fried chicken every time: Put your chicken in with a mixture of flour, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Enough seasonings to taste it, but not be overpowering. Let the...
  2. phoenixmama

    Funky wart/tumor/hard area on turkey's wattles

    So, DH and I were out checking on the turkeys and filling up feeders...noticed one of the BRs with some weird spot on it's wattles. I fished him out of his pen, and we tried getting a closer look. From far away it almost looked like a small abscess with a scab in the middle. Upon further...
  3. phoenixmama

    For those of you that buy feed in bulk for your broilers/turkeys...

    Well, I'm feeling a little discouraged...the only feed mill I know of in the Phoenix area only does bulk sales to dairies.
  4. phoenixmama

    For those of you that buy feed in bulk for your broilers/turkeys...

    So, now that I have a realistic idea of how much feed we use for our broiler and turkey flocks, we've decided that buying feed in bulk is how we will it is becoming cost prohibitive to buy it by 50 lb. sacks. What are the logistics of this? Is it worth it to have it shipped in...
  5. phoenixmama

    Busy....some updates and pics....

    Awesome Jeff! You should be really looks like you've been doing A LOT of work. I'm not on BYC much lately, as I've been recovering from reconstructive surgery and have been busy with our new goats...but I just love checking in on the meat bird section to see what everyone's up to...
  6. phoenixmama

    Showing a Meat Pen of Chickens. Suggestions Needed.

    The turkey starter I use is it the same for you? That much protein is darn expensive, and maybe overkill...just my opinion.
  7. phoenixmama

    Letting my broody raise 20 meaties. Now I have a rooster raising 50 CX chicks~new batch!

    I just found and LOVED reading this thread. Awesome, Beekissed!!!
  8. phoenixmama

    How long can I keep my colored rangers?

    Quote: You can keep them around. I still have two freedom ranger hens from J.M. that lay the most wonderful double yolkers...every time. No, I'm not kidding. I kept 10 or so of the hens around to see how they'd do...just for kicks. No, you do not have to keep them on broiler feed...
  9. phoenixmama

    Is it illegal to sell your processed meat????

    With all due respect to SillyChicken, it all depends on the state you live in. Here in Arizona, I remain exempt from all the government rules as long as I sell no more than 1000 birds/year. They are all butchered in my backyard, and customers pick them up from me. You will have to check the...
  10. phoenixmama

    New chicks with adults

    It's also a good idea to wait until the babies are approximately the same size as your other birds...they will definitely get picked on if they are significantly smaller.
  11. phoenixmama

    No Baby Chicks! Ordered Cancelled Again!

    I don't know where you live...but depending on the part of the country you are in, hatcheries will cancel orders if it's too hot outside. It happens to people here in the low you have to get your orders in before summertime. Again, I am sure this depends on the hatchery.
  12. phoenixmama

    Arizona Chickens

    Good morning everyone! Congratulations on the little one, AZKat! I have my first broody! I'm so excited! Although, I'm trying to keep a cool head here since she just appeared to go broody yesterday...I'm worried she might lose interest. She's a hatchery quality white P. Rock. Anyway, I...
  13. phoenixmama

    TPBM(The Person Below Me)

    Totally stay at home in pjs for a movie. Cheaper and better popcorn. TPBM: What is your favorite candy?
  14. phoenixmama

    I need Suggestions for Alternatives to Oytser Shell Please

    How hard is the water there? Here in the low Sonoran desert, our water is extremely hard. I've never supplied oyster shell or any other calcium type supplement, they forage mostly...and their eggs are rock hard. I've heard others tell me that it's because of the amount of calcium in the water...
  15. phoenixmama about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Quote: You know, they didn't mention that, but it was in the literature, and that was scary reading. I suppose if I start to feel weird in the fingers and toes, I'll have to call them and then they'll tell me what to do. I'm sorry you have to suffer from that, what is it like for you now...
  16. phoenixmama about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Enjoy the energy spurt you'll get when on the Dex. Although prepare for the lack of energy when you are off of it for that treatment. It's a roller coaster ride being on that stuff... I suggest you talk to your oncologist about protections to avoid chemo-induced neuropathy. The taxanes...
  17. phoenixmama

    Arizona Chickens

    Quote: Great lookin' coop along with some cute chickens and a cute GSP! Mine still isn't painted.
  18. phoenixmama

    Arizona Chickens

    Quote: By the way, all 4 buff orps that I picked up from you are doing great!
  19. phoenixmama

    Rhode Island Reds as meat birds

    RIR SHOULD be good dual-purpose birds...same with Plymouth Rocks and many others. The problem is that these days, their egg laying ability seems to be the only trait selected for. They aren't the meaty birds that our grandparents raised. If they are hatchery stock, don't expect a super...
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