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  1. FunkyChickenButt

    Can I plant flowers without my chickens murdering them?

    Hi all, I just moved to a place with some planting boxes, one of which my 3 bantams like to dirt bath and scratch in. I’d like to plant a couple things there (maybe lavender or something chick friendly) but I’m worried that the girls will absolutely decimate them. I also want to leave some...
  2. FunkyChickenButt

    Trouble examining black silkie

    Hi all. We had a dog run into our yard and attack my black showgirl with satin feathers. I could see a little drop of blood on her face (looks like it may have come from elsewhere on her body) and there were definitely a good amount of feathers pulled out. Luckily I was there to intervene...
  3. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    Hi folks, Like so many other first time chicken parents, I bought a pre-fab coop. Like many others, I’m now building a replacement coop (picture below is in progress). I created a basic 8x4x6 run and have gotten a medium sized dog house to modify for the actual coop. I have three banties and...
  4. FunkyChickenButt

    Satin showgirl sexual maturation

    Hi all, Ive heard that silkies and showgirls take a long time to mature and just recently had my pullet Medusa start growing a wattle, which is turning reddish. She’s always acted feminine and stands pretty feminine. She’s about four months old. I wanted to know if it’s normal for pullets to...
  5. FunkyChickenButt

    San Diego - Turken cockerel for rehoming

    Hoping to rehome my 9 week old naked neck too for $15! He’s very sweet, I wish I could keep him.
  6. FunkyChickenButt

    Hi all! New chicken lady here.

    Hi everyone, I’m a new member that has been benefitting from BYC posts for months as I navigate my life as a new chicken mom. I started my flock about two and a half months ago: got seven babies and had to rehome one so far as he was definitely a roo. I may be biased but man, I don’t know if...
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