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  1. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    Need help sexing a chicken and a turkey

    Any ideas on the gender of our turkey poult at 1 month, or our creme legbar at 6 weeks? No dislpaying, gobbling, or crowing Turkey
  2. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    I have an Easter Egger Question...

    I just got my first easter eggers , from Tractor Supply. They were sexed pullets. I am here to ask if anyone has pictures of thier EE cockerels, because I heard they have three rows of pea comb? I know mine only has one, does that mean she is a pullet?
  3. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    2 silkie roosters

    We are looking to rehome 2 of our silkie roosters. We were told they were hens, but they were late blooming roosters. My 4, 10, 12 year old girls have no problems handling them and love on them like puppies. They need separate homes because they absolutely hate the each other. They are spoiled...
  4. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    Does anyone know how to befreind a turkey?

    I have a burbon red jake, in his first year, that I rescued of of someones porch. He still is skittish around us, and I want him to trust me. any ideas?
  5. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    Lice or Mites?

    question- if a turkey has a bundle of white eggs on the base of the feathers, and little orangeish bugs, are those mites? or lice?
  6. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    What is your favorite chicken breed?

    Choose your favorite breed! Or comment if You chose other
  7. Chickensandhorsesforlife


    I posted a previous thread about a new turkey, but little did I know, the persons dog (the person I got him from) , bit his wing pretty bad. The people did not own the turkey, it showed up in their yard. The dog is fully vaccinated. also, does anybody know the Mareks vaccine doseage for a...
  8. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    GUESS WHAT!!!!

    Ok, so my friend has a domestic turkey show up at her house. They had a home, but they backed out. So of course , we are taking him. He is a very sweet tom, and we are so exited to have him. I am pasting here to ask for any tips, facts , or pointers from other people that have turkeys. I have...
  9. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    TWO DAY funny chicken photos contest! No prizes. Just for fun! Other poultry too!

    To enter the contest, post the funniest picture you have of your chickens or other poultry! Category 1 : post the funniest picture of one of YOUR chickens! (add the category number above post) Category 2: post the funniest picture of one of YOUR birds, including duck, geese, quail, emu, pigeons...
  10. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    Does anyone near the nc triad area looking for a silkie roo?

    So, it started in August when we got two"guaranteed silkie hens" , but then our coop of hens crowed. multiple times.It was the grey silkie. we cannot keep him, so we are giving him away. He is a gray silkie bantam rooster that is show quality and purebred. he is georgeous, loves kids , and wants...
  11. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    Help! I have an adorable silkie that I believe is a rooster, but I am not sure.

    I have a grey 12 week old silkie bantam that was supposed to be a hen, but I believe is a roo.The comb is u shaped and quite large, and has red bumps on it, and the wattles are much larger than the other chicks, and beginning to redden, and the crest is slicked back and the tail is curved.I...
  12. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    I have some chickens with a mysterious briddled feather

    :confused: :confused: I have 3 ,7 week old Isa brown chicks and a 17 week old California white hen with a mysterious feather on their wing , and one has it on her shoulder. The California white and 2 Isa browns have a orange and black one, and one Isa brown has a grey one. I am so curious as...
  13. Chickensandhorsesforlife

    Help! I have a 2 year old asian black hen with a hurt leg.

    :(:confused: I have a 2 year old Asian black hen with a hurt leg, She won't put any weight on it at all. we have her isolated in a crate and still, she shows no improvement. I don't know what to do. please help me! any suggestion helps.
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