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  1. fatsGREENgarden

    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—Egg Basket Photo Contest

    We keep all our eggs in one basket 👍
  2. fatsGREENgarden

    Review by 'fatsGREENgarden' in article 'Bacon Chicken Ranch Coop'

    Wow that was a good read, lots of details. I think you did a nice job building the coop. Although I can see where you’d want it higher for easier cleaning. I like there were a lot of pictures to have a visual of the building process.
  3. fatsGREENgarden

    Review by 'fatsGREENgarden' in article 'Chicken Cabin'

    I like this coop a lot. I appreciate all the photos in the article.
  4. fatsGREENgarden

    Salt water bottle trick for freezing water

    When the weather got in the single digits, the bucket started to freeze at the top too much and the chickens couldn’t break thorough. We ended up buying a water heater for under their waterer and running an extension cord to the coop. It will be nice this winter not to have to worry about it...
  5. fatsGREENgarden

    Review by 'fatsGREENgarden' in article 'poultry-in-motion'

    This is such a unique coop! I admire the creativity in others. Well done!
  6. fatsGREENgarden

    Free loader year old hen

    Oh. So it is possible she just does not lay eggs at all. We always knew she was a girl, we never questioned that. We thought we were going crazy to say “I have a young hen, but she doesn’t lay eggs.” I’ve seen others on here say their hens act like roosters, and I wondered if that meant they...
  7. fatsGREENgarden

    Hen developed odd white feathers

    She’s a mix. Of what I’m not sure. Weren’t sure if it’s normal or not.
  8. fatsGREENgarden

    Hen developed odd white feathers

    Curious if others have seen their chickens develop feathers of a different color? Our Hershey girl is about a year old and has basically all brown feathers until these new cool looking grey-white feathers. She is a year old.
  9. fatsGREENgarden

    Free loader year old hen

    fatsGREENgarden said: We have 5 hens between 17 months-2 years old. 4 mixes and one Asian Black. We normally get 2-3 eggs daily. In the spring sometimes we would get 4 eggs daily, but never 5. We’ve come to the conclusion that our Goldie (now known as The Golden Child) just doesn’t pull her...
  10. fatsGREENgarden

    Official BYC Poll: What Kind of Roost(s) Do You Have Installed?

    We wanted a removable roost for easier cleaning and made this one. The idea was that if we get bantams or silkies in the future, the smaller lower bars (that are the bottom edge) would be good for them. Currently we have full size gals and all 5 roost on the top bar.
  11. fatsGREENgarden

    Comment by 'fatsGREENgarden' in article 'My Sunflower Coop'

    Not yet. Still debating it all :)
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