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  1. Lady Gray

    Swelling around the beak

    My wedding true blue has had a growth on the sides of her peak for the last month or so. She has been treated by a vet with amoxicillin and has also received a canker treatment and nothing seems to be helping. Does anyone have any insight? Her breath does not smell bad and there are no yellow...
  2. Lady Gray

    Help, swollen around the beak!

    I have a chicken that I noticed some swelling around its mouth and it progressively got worse so I treated it with 4 in 1. It’s been eight days and I don’t think it looks any better. there is no foul smell coming from the mouth and I can’t find any pustules or deposits. Any insight would be...
  3. Lady Gray

    Some of my birds!

    I just want to share some pretty birds!
  4. Lady Gray

    What are these?

    Saw these at a friends but he couldn’t remember what breed they are. I love the black flecks around their collars.
  5. Lady Gray

    Silkie roo?

    I sold this silkie because to me it looked and acted like a roo. But the lady I sold it to said she had someone look at it and they say it’s a hen. My partner said it crowed weakly at him but I never heard it myself. Can you all please ease my mind that I sold a roo and not a hen?
  6. Lady Gray

    Whiting true blue plus mystery chick

    I ordered 6 female WTB chicks and got a free surprise chick as well. Since WTB’s come in a variety of colors I (of course) can’t tell the surprise chick from the rest. I’ve read that they have a pea comb so I’m going to pay attention to that as they develop.
  7. Lady Gray

    Whiting true blues?

    I ordered six true blue females from McMurray hatchery, they arrived today and I got seven checks total one was free surprise chick. The website says they come in a variety of colors but because of that I can’t tell which check is not a Whiting true blue. I would think it was the white one but...
  8. Lady Gray

    New to chickens!

    I just got 3 chickens, an easter egger, a Russian Orloff, and a lavender Orp. I'm really excited to try this out and. A friend of mine just told me about BYC and I'm so grateful it's here.
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