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  1. OhioStateCluckeyes

    3 chickens 1 egg a day?

    Hi all! I have three 2 year old hens (two lacey Wyandotte and a Red Production) and I am getting a out an egg a day. Some days none. Some days 2. Most days 1. They are about a week past the molt. Their Feathers have grown back. Any ideas? Should I be getting more eggs?
  2. OhioStateCluckeyes

    Pecking Order or Bullying?

    I'm a new chicken Mama. I've had my little flock since the beginning of September. A friend with a large flock gave me two Production Red's and two lacey Wyandottes. All was peace and harmony. Two weeks ago a barn owl attacked one of the Production Reds and she died in my arms. I was...
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