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  1. chickensista

    FREE White Silkie roos - CT

    I have 3 white silkie roos from Ideal Hatchery that need a home. Hatched 4/22/09. If you take all 3, I can meet you somewhere. If you want to pick a certain roo, then its pick up only. Thanks! (not a double post - i have self blues and white silkies available)
  2. chickensista

    Free Self Blue Silkie roos - CT

    I have 3 self blue silkie roos from Ideal Hatchery that need a home. Hatched 4/22/09. If you take all 3, I can meet you somewhere. If you want to pick a certain roo, then its pick up only. Thanks!
  3. chickensista

    Free Packing Peanuts - CT

    FREE! I received 9 male chicks with my Ideal order today. They are orange, cute, and spunky. Have not looked into what breeds they might be yet. I'm in lower Fairfield County. Thanks.
  4. chickensista

    Gut Busters for the Week of 2/8

    Morning everyone! Its a new day, the sun is shining, and its going to hit 50 degrees today! I'm just giddy. I need to see plants and dirt. No digging yet, but we're getting closer!!!
  5. chickensista

    Gut Busters for the Week of 2/1

    Is it Sunday already??? Sorry I didn't get the thread started earlier. Like before the day was almost over. Brkfst: mocha, 2 pieces of toast, bit of granola lunch: ridiculous amount of bread - a twinkie bread. ugh a friend gave me this yeasty mix with the recipe for amish friendship...
  6. chickensista

    Gut Busters for the Week of 1/25

    Just getting the ball rolling. i haven't even finished my coffee yet.
  7. chickensista

    Gut Busters for the Week of 1/11

    Its a new week! I've started out the day well. Oatmeal with a bit of soy milk and brown sugar. 45 minutes of exercise in the form of shoveling. We didn't get a lot, but I have a lot of areas to clear. now taking a coffee break.
  8. chickensista

    Gut Busters for the Week of 1/4

    Good morning! Nothing to report - just getting the thread going for today. Coyote - what do you think of starting a new thread 1/wk instead of every day? We could still post daily, just easier to "chat". I will check in later.
  9. chickensista

    Gut Busters 1/3

    Here's the thread for 1/3! Let us know how you doing on your New Year's diet. I've only had coffee so far today - so I'm doing good.
  10. chickensista

    Crazy easy way to make hard boiled eggs

    OK, I've been trying various methods to hard boil my eggs,peel them, and still end up with something resembling an egg. Some success, but nothing I'd want to use for say deviled eggs. So last weekend my husband asks if I want a boiled egg. Sure. He hands me the most perfectly peeled egg...
  11. chickensista

    Free Buff Silkie Roo-CT

    Free to a good home - Adorable buff, silkie roo. 7 months and generally a good fella. But he just beat up Beaker(my favorite silkie roo), so someone's gotta go... I will post a pic soon. I bought eggs from a breeder on BYC, but I really couldn't say anything about his "quality". I don't...
  12. chickensista

    walking sideways

    I have a 1 1/2 yr old black sex link that started walking sideways today. Crossing her legs - like she's drunk. She was trying to eat and walk around, but finally got frustrated and found a place to stand. She's now quarantined in the garage. She ate some BOSS and crumble (her crop was...
  13. chickensista

    Welsummer ?

    I have an 8 wk old Welsummer that is developing foot feathers. Is this something that pops up in the breed occasionally, or is my boy "special"? Thanks!
  14. chickensista

    It Has Begun!!!

    Yes, please read this post with the Mortal Combat soundtrack in playing in your brain. The Japanese beetles have descended upon my garden. It is a going to be a hot and long battle with these little $&*&*#! I've collected close to 100 of 'em today. My revenge? Toss 'em in the fridge...
  15. chickensista

    Top of the run netting/wire that holds up in heavy snow??

    Hi all, I lost a girl to a red tail hawk today. My silly lines over the run didn't help. The netting I put up last fall came down in a heavy snow. I remember reading about something netting/wire that can hold up in snow? Or the holes are big enough to let the snow through... Any info would...
  16. chickensista

    I had to do it...

    I killed my first chicken today. I knew I would have to do it, but kept putting it off. She regularly gets eggbound. She had been bad for awhile and my usual measures hadn't helped. I'm leaving for 5 days today and I was really worried about her. I decided I couldn't leave her in this heat...
  17. chickensista

    Now they have Bodyguards!

    The evil silkie chicken army has now hired muscle...
  18. chickensista

    Incubation Summary - with PICS

    Well I'm finally recovering from my first attempt at incubating eggs. Here's how things tallied up: 15 welsummer eggs sent- 2 broke in transit, tossed an oozer, 3 chicks died in the egg, 4 early quitters or nonfertile(couldn't candle), and 5 new baby Welusmmers! One has some issues, but seems...
  19. chickensista

    Pip oozing??

    Is this a sign that something went wrong with the chick? This is different from a rotten oozing egg, isn't it? Should I get it out of the bator, or wait for the hatch to finish? Chicks started pipping this AM, and one is out. Thank you! Terry
  20. chickensista

    Pips, but no Zips! UPDATE- A CHICK

    How do you guys do this all the time??? I was fine the first 19 days, and since then my nose has been glued to the bator. (tonight is day 21) I have 6 pips, one since last night and thats it. Some movement and maybe a chirp or 2. Now I'm paranoid they are not going to make it out and second...
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