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  1. AUChick9202

    Easter Eggers... Pullet or Roo?

    I’ve got three EE’s and all are 6 weeks. What do you think?
  2. AUChick9202

    Easter Egger Pullet or Roo?

    I can usually sex other breeds, but EE’s are hard for me. They are all 6 weeks.
  3. AUChick9202

    Bottom-Entry Chicken Coop Door

    I would like to put a bottom-entry door on our coop that I am building. Any advice on how to design it to keep the bedding from just falling out?
  4. AUChick9202

    Coop and Run Questions

    I am currently building our coop. When I had chickens about 6 years ago, I put down a piece of sheet linoleum on the floor and that worked great for clean out. I was in Lowe's yesterday and they no longer sell sheet linoleum, so what is a good alternative to put down on the floor? Also, we will...
  5. AUChick9202

    Keeping Water from Freezing with No Power

    I just got 6 new chicks about a month ago. I would like to keep them at our pasture where we have our horses, but there is no power. While this is not a problem now, I know their water will freeze during the Utah winter. I’m just trying to be prepared and get some tips and advice. Thanks!
  6. AUChick9202

    Who were your first layers??

    I have 5 chickens all different breeds and ages, so I knew that I would be getting eggs at different times. My first layers were my RSL at 17 wks (my neighbor also has a RSL that started laying at 17 wks) and my BO at 20 wks. My RIR who is also 20 wks looks like she should be laying, but I...
  7. AUChick9202

    Is my coop big enough for winter??

    Hi, We just got chickens this spring. We have a 4' x 4' raised coop for our 5 hens. The coop sits in our side yard and the chickens free-range in the yard all day. Right now, they only use the coop at night to sleep in. Their food and water are both outside under the coop. We live in...
  8. AUChick9202

    Black Australorp Rooster in Logan, UT

    He is 13 weeks, very friendly.
  9. AUChick9202

    Have to rehome my rooster =(

    We were going to try to keep him, but he has found his crowing voice during the last week and pretty much crows off and on all day. We are not allowed to have roosters where we live. He is super friendly and very pretty, but my husband says he has to go before the neighbors start complaining...
  10. AUChick9202

    Chicken integration....How long does this take??

    I have 6 chickens....4 are 12-weeks (there is a rooster in this bunch) and the other 2 are 9-weeks. About a month ago, I put the little ones into the yard/coop with the larger ones. There was the initial pecking/chasing of the younger ones that I expected during the integration process. I put...
  11. AUChick9202

    When will my roo start to look like a rooster?

    I have a BA roo that is 9 weeks. He has this beautiful comb and impressive set of wattles, but his feathers are rounded and he has that fluffy rump like the girls. He looks just like a miniature "mother hen" at this point. When will he start to look more "roo-ish"??
  12. AUChick9202

    Where to keep the food and water??

    I have four 9-week old chicks and two 6-week old chicks. The older group has been in the coop for about a month now. It has been such a cold and wet spring that they spend most of their time in the coop, so their food and water is in the coop. Now that the weather is nicer, they are...
  13. AUChick9202

    Babies first night in coop with older chicks

    I have four 9-week old chicks that have been in the coop for about a month. I have two babies that are 6 weeks old that have been in the brooder in the garage. The two groups of chicks have been free-ranging together during the day. Although I wouldn't say they have really integrated...
  14. AUChick9202

    Well it's official....

    we now have a pet rooster We have known for weeks that he was probably a watttles and comb at 4 weeks....even for new chicken owners like us it was a no brainer He is now almost 9 weeks. I have been hearing this weird sound for like a week now and thought is was coming from...
  15. AUChick9202

    Integrating 5 week and 8 week old chicks

    My original flock was 3 pullets and 1 roo. They are now 8 week old. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would like to expand my flock, so I purchased 2 more 3 week olds. They are now 5 weeks and getting ready to move out of the brooder, so I am now wanting them to go into the coop with the...
  16. AUChick9202

    Breed of this ugly chick!

    I know all chickens go through an ugly, awkward stage, but this one is really looking ugly lately! The guy I bought her from sold her as a Buff Orp, but she is definitely not that. I am new to chickens, but I can't find another chicken like her. She was a yellow chick and her feathers started...
  17. AUChick9202

    They still love me! 8 week old pictures

    I was in the hospital all last week....boy how my babies have grown! I was taking a break from bed yesterday (excuse the pj's in the picture) and was getting some fresh air.....and all my babies came to roost on me Here they are at 8 weeks....they look like chickens now LOL My sweet roo had...
  18. AUChick9202

    Breed and age of my chicks??

    Since I had a surprise roo in my original 4 pullets, I had to buy two more pullets how that chicken math works! Just wanted to verify the breeds and see if you guys can help me guess the age. The guy I bought them from said they were 4 weeks....that is impossible b/c my other 4...
  19. AUChick9202

    Getting more chicks!! How long to quarantine?

    Getting one (maybe two ) more chicks to replace the surprise roo I how that chicken math works They are approximately the same age as the chicks I have now, but how long should I quarantine them? Thanks!
  20. AUChick9202

    Warm up crow??

    I was just checking on my chicks and my roo was doing this weird thing with his mouth. Like he would open his mouth really wide, and have like a convulsion like a cat coughing up a hairball. I am a newbie with chickens, but it looked like the motion that roosters make when they crow....but no...
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