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  1. LCsAChickenLover

    4.5 month blue Ameraucana, Sacramento

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to find a home for this sweet, docile, handsome boy. Great with us, kids and the dogs. He’s still a bit dorky and trips over his feet or off of the side of the deck while trying to impress the ladies.. He enjoys beard scratches, foot/leg rubs and is easily picked up and...
  2. LCsAChickenLover

    8 week EE Green Queen or Green King?

    She was supposed to be a sexed pullet from Meyer, but I’ve had my suspicions about “her” for a little while now. I’ve found a few threads on here that have given me hopes that this is just an early developing pullet?:fl
  3. LCsAChickenLover

    8.5 weeks - am I a pullet?

    I’m still having trouble deciding on this chick being a pullet or cockerel? I know Ameraucanas can be hard to sex before 12 weeks when saddles com in, but I’m hoping a keen eye will be able to confirm what I have here. I have another cockerel same age (EE) and will need to decide who stays or...
  4. LCsAChickenLover

    Ameraucana cockerel or pullet?

    Just a few days shy of 7 weeks now and hoping to confirm cockerel or pullet?
  5. LCsAChickenLover

    Broody Austra White

    Find it odd that a hybrid of such is as broody as this gal has been recently. I am thinking about putting one of my 3 day old chicks under her, she has been sitting for about 14-15 days now on rocks I am unsure of this hens age or if she has been broody before, often, hatched chicks, etc., as I...
  6. LCsAChickenLover

    Is this Gemma or Jimmy?

    I go back and forth, cockerel or pullet? 4.5 weeks, maybe still too young? But thinking I see male coloring in the hackles, totally open to being wrong here!
  7. LCsAChickenLover


    Still hoping I am wrong but today Nina’s 3.5 week old EE comb is looking awfully pink to me I think I see reddish feathers coming in on the neck/shoulders too, but not sure if this the same male feather trait I’ve seen mentioned in other threads?
  8. LCsAChickenLover

    Is this male feather pattern?

    These two EE babes are 3 weeks old, I understand that they are too young to sex by comb or wattles They are a Wheaten Marans mix and I am wondering if they are starting to sprout the male color pattern that I see mentioned here often?
  9. LCsAChickenLover

    Bantam? Rooster or hen?

    A friend of mine went to pick up a free plant stand and saw this, hen? The person with the plant stand has been feeding it, but is not sure on gender. She says it’s been roaming the neighborhood since January..and we are welcome to catch and adopt if we can catch it Any guesses on breed and...
  10. LCsAChickenLover

    Pullet or cockerel?

    8 weeks GLW, cockerel or pullet?
  11. LCsAChickenLover

    Potato leaf poisoning?

    Hi everyone, looking for a little advice on what to do with my sick pullet. I found the top off on a planter bed of potatoes and nibble evidence on Tuesday morning. I noticed yesterday her behavior was off, she was standing away from the flock, pulling her head in toward her body and just not...
  12. LCsAChickenLover

    Rescued hen

    On Monday I picked up a random hen that showed up at my friends barn. I brought her back home and didn’t get to check for lice or fleas, she was pretty nervous after the 1.5 hr car ride and was having nothing of it. I did notice a few black spots on her comb (hopefully scrapes and not fowl pox)...
  13. LCsAChickenLover

    Traumatized hens

    My poor hens that survived my next door neighbor’s dogs attack are completely traumatized. What can I do for them? Is there anything that can be done to help them settle, besides time and patience of course? Should I allow them carry on with regular routines if they want or should they be...
  14. LCsAChickenLover

    Rooster aggression

    Hello fellow chicken enthusiasts, I am a fairly new chicken keeper and probably have zero business getting involved with a rooster, but here we are, so..Back in mid October I adopted a 5.5 month old Black Australorp from a friend of mine who got him in a straight run. When he came to me I of...
  15. LCsAChickenLover

    9 week Delaware broken toe

    This morning I noticed right away that her toe was broken. Do I leave it be or try to tape her up? She’s, of course a flightier one of the flock and fights me feather and talon anytime I think about handling her lol. She is eating, drinking and running around like normal
  16. LCsAChickenLover

    Is this the beginning of molt?

    I noticed a couple of days ago a small patch of feathers raised up on her back just before the tail. Today the spot is larger, I suspect it’s her going into molt? It’s a first for both of us lol
  17. LCsAChickenLover

    White Rock or Leghorn

    Is it too early to tell what breed she is?
  18. LCsAChickenLover

    What breed is she

    This is Penny, she’s almost a year now. When I got her at TSC I asked for a brown leghorn, which she is not. Her eggs are a light sage green but she doesn’t look like the EEs I have seen. Ideas?
  19. LCsAChickenLover


    Hi everyone!! New member to BYC but have been reading the forums since I started keeping chickens last September. I figured I should make it official and finally create an account. Also because I just received more baby bawks yesterday and sure I will have questions, these babies are much...
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