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  1. A Peacock called Penelope

    BYC app

    Wht are the advantages of the app over the site? Is the site better than the app?
  2. A Peacock called Penelope

    A little information on lovebirds.

    I was thinking of getting a pair of lovebirds. Idk the age but they are old and being sold as an breeder pair how hard would it be to tame them? How tame will they get and if I manage to tame them will they still breed? I'm not willing to clip wings. I have 2 cockatiels they were sold to me as...
  3. A Peacock called Penelope

    Distemper virus

    Hii everyone so I need help. My friends dog gave birth to 4 puppies like a month ago and they have gotten the distemper virus. Can it be treated? If yes wht is the treatment. They took them to the vet and we will again too. Wht shall we do we really need help. The puppies have eye and nasal...
  4. A Peacock called Penelope

    Abnormal poop?

    Hi guys last week i got my lonely boy penelope a peahen and she did fine but now her poop looks like this some are normal some are like this one. I have metronidazole and have wormed both of them with zentel (albendazole). Also please let me know what color she is. The person i got her from had...
  5. A Peacock called Penelope

    What is wrong? (Pics attached)

    What is wrong with him? Is it black head? The poop i found in his crate where he is closed for the night
  6. A Peacock called Penelope

    Age and breed

    Hi guys i want to know about my peacocks age and breed. The breeder i got him from says hes 5 months but other people say he looks 9? People and vets here in Pakistan are not very helpful with peafowls
  7. A Peacock called Penelope

    Do tamed conures breed?

    Hi everyone i have a pair of pineapple green cheek conures they are tamed they come on hand but will not let me touch them.Some people told me that tamed parrots dont breed is that true?
  8. A Peacock called Penelope


    Hi my 5 month old peacock is showing symptoms of gapeworms from the past 5 days he gasps for air makes some weird noise when i hold him.Ive tried to find flubenvet aviverm and fubenol but i didnt find them here i have also tried ivermectin 1% for 3 days but also didnt work? Wht other medicines...
  9. A Peacock called Penelope

    help please!

    My 2 month old peahen is sick how do i treat her? She is eating and drinking but she closes her eyes and shes usually sitting and shes also sneezing i got her a week ago and its my first time shes not really flying that much but she will fly on top of the pen with the peacock in the evening.
  10. A Peacock called Penelope

    New peafowls

    Hi everyone i got new peachicks one male who is 3 months old and one female who is 2 months old. I got them a week ago and i was wondering if i can clip their wings and open them and let them roam free in the house but im really scared cuz im afraid they will fly away. I is safe to open them...
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