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  1. Oghdoff

    Lucky 13

    It's day 18 of my first try at incubating. I went the dry hatch approach with a LG with egg turner. I've candled twice and had to cull 9 all together. Just took them out of the turner and set in place now. I must say this has been a very interesting time. Had a few misques and almost cooked them...
  2. Oghdoff

    Egg thickness?

    One of my RIR girls has started laying finally. She ha slaid 2 small eggs and today when I went to break them open they seemed thicker than store bought eggs. I have been feeding them Flock Raiser. After the first egg I started mixing in laying pellets(whoch they refuse to eat). Should I just...
  3. Oghdoff

    golden duckwing araucana

    Someone in my area is selling a golden duckwing araucana rooster for $10. What are the chances this is just an EE? Not that far of a drive. Anyone think it would be worth looking into? Claims to also have araucana hens for $15.
  4. Oghdoff

    Poult strut.

    I finally caught one of my lil poults strutting this morning. I've had these guys for a month now and only have had 1 strut so far.
  5. Oghdoff

    The wait is OVER! [pics]

    My lil WH's finally arrived this morning. They are so funny to watch. Grab a few bites run to the waterer. Just back and forth.
  6. Oghdoff

    Sickle feathers

    I adopted a roo from a man who had 2 many roos. The poor guy had all his sickle feathers pulled out by the other roo. Will he grow them back or will I have to wait til he molts for them to grow back?
  7. Oghdoff

    Grab your cape Lagerdogger! I have a few questions :)

    This is one of the 2 Eastern Wild poults I bought recently. They may have some Palm in them not sure. Just wanted your thoughts on the coloring. Thanks
  8. Oghdoff

    Welsh Harleguin Rouen Cross?

    I did a search before posting this, but nothing popped up. So, does any believe you can cross WH's with Rouens?
  9. Oghdoff

    Natural wood roosts?

    Does anyone think it's a bad idea to use tree branches for roosts?
  10. Oghdoff

    Great Site!

    Hi, I'm Kevin from Texas. Growing up, I had family members who always had chickens and such around. Now that I have a house and land to do so, I thought I would start as well. I currently have 30 chickens (1 Ameraucana Roo(Tuffy), 9 RIR(8 hens and a Roo(Buddy)), 9 Production Reds, 5 Black...
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