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  1. jeni1209

    Pullet with very swollen leg and foot backwards Help !

    My 8 wk old chick has a very swollen leg and her foot is pointing back and will barely stand on the ankle with toes backwards. It happened suddenly and can’t get the swelling out of the upper leg. Is it sprained? What can I do? Thanks in advance Jen
  2. jeni1209

    Hen with a tumor around her eye, Help !!!!

    Hello I have a Ameracauna about a yr old. Her eye swelled up, and I tried all kinds of eye treatment, nothing worked. Took her to a vet, which eventually told me it's a tumor. I give her the meds. What I need to know is there any success at all, with relieving the swelling and recovery...
  3. jeni1209

    Try to tube feed help !!!

    Can't get my hen from jerking her head and retreiving downward. Is there a certain hold that will help?
  4. jeni1209

    Safeguard for goats need to give to 1 hen orally and quick Help !!!

    I need to know how much safeguard for about a 3 lb hen that is not drinking or eating on her own, or would wazine 17 be better? Please help !!! Thanks
  5. jeni1209

    5 Ameracauna Roosters Tallahasse area

    Hello, I have 5 Ameracauna Roosters available to good home only. They are in a 10' x 10' bachelor coop, they need hens and new homes. They are almost 8 months old. Will post pictures later. Please call or txt me at 850-567-0907 Jen
  6. jeni1209

    Eye Infection or Eye worms !!!!

    Hello my hen has had a eye Infection for a wk now. I have been using the little tube from tsc for eye infections. No real change, still very swollen, not much discharge. Should I also be giving Tylenol 50? How long does it take? Should I try something else? Help please !!!
  7. jeni1209

    Eye Infection, Help !!!!

    Merry Christmas !!! My hen has a eye infection, what can I use from a drugstore to help? With it being Christmas nothing else is open, it has swollen almost shut over night and a clear liquid is draining. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. jeni1209

    Lost a Hen Help !!!

    Hi, I lost a hen very suddenly with no signs. She was my favorite, she a 1 1/2 yr old Americana. She laid a egg that day, free ranged for a few hrs in the evening and then went to roost, everything normal. Next morning she's laying on the ground under the roost dead. It's like she just fell off...
  9. jeni1209

    Hen not eating, drinking, pooping HELP

    1 have a 1 1/2 yr old Ameracauna , thought she might be egg bound. Did it all, and after exam she expelled a lot of liquid, what could this be and what next?
  10. jeni1209

    Hen breathing heavy and drooping wing

    Hello, just got home and my 1 yr old EE is breathing heavy and 1 wing is almost dragging the ground. Please help !!!!
  11. jeni1209

    Chicken can barely walk

    Hello, my 6 mon. EE came down real sick about 3 wks. ago it started with her being unsteady on her feet, then she couldn't walk at all and breathing hard. I brought her in and gave her electrolytes and vitamins, she was much better several days later and could walk fine, a few days went by...
  12. jeni1209

    Hello, From Tallahasse Florida

    I'm so glad for this site, I am totally new to the raising chicken thing. I have so many questions.i have read so many post and they have been so helpful. Thanks Everyone !!! Jen
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