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  1. Pepsi216

    2 Mosaic Cockerels - SLO County, CA

    These two gorgeous Mosaic brothers looking for a new home(s). Our bachelor flock has gotten too large and these handsome boys would love some ladies of their own. They're 9 months old and human/dog/cat friendly (though don't want to be picked up or held). Would be great for a breeding project...
  2. Pepsi216

    Will we be laying eggs or serenading our humans?

    Hello everyone! We have a batch of chicks that are now 8 weeks old and I'm curious what you think they are! We've gone back and forth ourselves on all of them, and haven't been able to pinpoint yet who's who. I'm about half sure the new musician on the block we've been hearing is coming from our...
  3. Pepsi216

    Cockerel Timeout

    Our flock of 20 has two 5-month old cockerels - an exchequer leghorn and a silkie - who we keep around for entertainment and predator protection/coyote bait. They grew up together and get along okay; the leghorn is definitely dominant, but they coexist just fine and there have been no fights at...
  4. Pepsi216

    White silkie genetics?

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I picked up two white silkie chicks back in April, and for the first few weeks while they went through the fluffball stage, they almost looked like different colored chicks. One had a gold cast to him, the other a silver cast to her fluff...
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