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  1. Mewcycle

    Bumble foot checkup

    Greetings! I have been treating this case of bumble foot for about a week and this is the second go around with this same spot. Thought we had it sorted with Vet. She had treatment and antibiotics and the first time. This young lady's name is Dottie. She is a Speckled Sussex less than a year...
  2. Mewcycle

    Chicken sneeze or cough? w/video

    I’m concerned. Hermione has a strange cough, no discharge or sores that I can see. Comb is nice and red. Eyes are bright, she is eating and laying. Hermione Chicken cough
  3. Mewcycle

    Speckled Sussex Pullet or Roo

    Is this young 10 wk old SS a pullet or roo? She isn’t acting particularly Roo-ish. It’s those feathers that have me concerned. I don’t have another SS to compare her to.
  4. Mewcycle

    Hello from Texas Hillcountry

    I am not totally new to Chickens. Have had them off and on all my life. But I have learned thanks to “the google” that I wasn’t ever doing it quite right 🤣😜. So now my goal is to do a better job of it. And more Brahmas! 😍 I currently have a dozen chicks and chickens under a year old. Various...
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