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  1. HennyTerri83

    egg changes OR a super late bloomer?

    hey chicken friends 🙋🏻‍♀️ i *thought* all three of my olive eggers were contributing to my beautiful olive eggs. they started laying in september - first egg around 19 weeks. shortly after my others began laying. last week (carry the 3.....) at about 25 weeks, one of my eggs either changed...
  2. HennyTerri83

    Olive Egger being a jerk!

    Hi! So I’ve now sent all my roosters back to the farm from which they came - sigh - and was left with 3 ten week old olive Eggers. I’m trying to get them accustomed to my 6 week old golden laced and barred rocks, and it’s...hairy. I have the BR and GLW within the run but confined to a puppy play...
  3. HennyTerri83

    Ameraucana girls?

    Hey everyone 👋 These girls joined our family at the end of April. Super friendly and wow-ee, their dad is REGAL. (I’ll attach a pic bc who doesn’t love a handsome roo?) I’m new to chickens to please excuse me if this seems silly - Someone mentioned a darkened head can mean a cockerel...
  4. HennyTerri83

    New Chick Lady!

    hey all! I’m new to chickens - and joined up because I’ve come across your forums so many times. I just know you’ll all be a great resource as I tackle this new hobby! We really went for it - we have ten in our flock. Two pure ameraucanas (hatched from my chicken expert friend who has ameraucana...
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